Duchess of Cornwall wraps up warm in a velvet coat from her wedding dress designer


Prince Charles and Camilla marked the 535th anniversary since the creation of the Yeoman Warders, also known as Beefeaters, by paying a visit to the Tower of London. The Prince of Wales and his wife the Duchess were spotted posing in the grounds of the tower, surrounded by Beefeaters.

The couple were taken on a special tour of the Tower, the historic castle on the north bank of River Thames used as a prison for more than 800 years. 

The pair were later offered a beautifully decorated cake and while Camilla got hold of the knife to cut it, she was told she would make a good executioner. 

Later in the morning, Prince Charles shared a sweet moment with his wife as he could show the Investiture Coronet he wore the day he was officially appointed Prince of Wales – more than 50 years ago. The piece of jewelry has symbols on it, that signifies a constellation of his star sign, Scorpio.

After the tour to the Tower of London, Charles and Camilla joined a reception with VisitBritain/VisitEngland to celebrate 50 years of the British Tourist Authority.  

Camilla wore a coat dress from Anna Valentine, with burgundy panels lining the front, a velvet collar and a pleated hem over a cream silk shirt, black heeled boots and matching black leather gloves.

While Prince Charles wore a navy blue suit to complement his wife’s look. 

The pair was last seen with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,on an official engagement in Loughborough at a rehabilitation centre for the armed forces, providing neurological care, occupational therapy and physical rehabilitation using adapted gyms and a specialized Help for Heroes swimming pool complex.

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