Oge Okoye Finally speaks up after Her Visit To Fake Pastor

Oge Okoye

Nollywood actress Oge Okoye has finally addressed those who slammed her for appearing in a video with fake resurrection pastor, Alph Lukau, last year

Finally responding to the incident, she wrote;

“After Bad Mouthing Me behind my back, Please pray for me because I want to be perfect as you”.

Oge had explained why she visited the pastor last year saying she did this on behalf of her mum and sick aunt, and that the video, which was taken from YouTube, is from October 2018.

Her post on IG had read:

” Good morning Glam FAMILY………I try to be calm about everything and anything especially when Negativity screams out so loud. I don’t try to Calm the Storm, but will only Calm my mind and the Storm will Pass..though I owe no one any explanation as regards the heavenly race I feel like addressing THIS wildfire?

“I Travelled to see my mum as usual and she told me how she came across the youtube channel of AMI church and that she’s been following them ever since because of what God is doing in the church through Pastor Alphalukau. So my mum wanted to visit the church because of her younger sister(My aunt)who is a cancer patient, wheelchairbound and is bedridden.

“Due to Mum’s age, I didn’t want her making that long journey from Spain to South Africa so I requested for my aunt’s pictures and promised her that I would visit the church so I can stand in for her as a point of contact. That was how I visited AMI on Sunday, 16th of October 2018, last year. Go on youtube and see for yourselves.

“Please Nigerians, Is anything wrong in seeking the face of God or standing in the gap for my sick aunt? How Gullible can people be? Why fabricate stories? Meanwhile how much do you think I will be paid to do the unimaginable? Does God forbid?Whoever said that. May they be visited with the same bitter pill to swallow IJN. Amen?

Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings”.

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