Prince Charles makes rare comment about Brexit


At a visit to Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall thanked senior civil servants for all their hard work over the past few years that have been dominated by Brexit.

According to HELLO while speaking he said:

“I do congratulate you, particularly when I know how much extra work you had to do in the last two years. With little sleep probably and not seeing much of your families, so I hope now things are slightly less stressful.”

At the end of his visit he spoke to the staff and Michael Gove, whose Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster role is based at the Cabinet Office, saying:

“Both my wife and I – we did wonder whether it was quite the most sensible day to come. We did say ‘please, we don’t want to get in your way’ but we were told it was all right. I just want to say for me (it is) fascinating always to see what is happening in the heart of government in the Cabinet Office. When I was much, much younger I remember spending a certain amount of time going round various departments. I was even able to spend the whole day at Number 10 with the then prime minister Mr (James) Callaghan, which was fascinating, you can imagine, at that stage in life.”
Charles went on to say he had great “respect and value” for the civil service, and told the Whitehall workers: “I do realise just what an immensely important role you all play. It’s easy to say that but I do know that it’s so dependent on all of you working in teams and then as one great big team.”

The couple visited the iconic London landmark to mark 535 years since the creation of Yeoman Warders and join a reception with VisitBritain/ VisitEngland to celebrate 50 years of the British Tourist Authority. During their trip, the Duke and Duchess got a photograph in front of the White Tower and visited the cell where Thomas More was imprisoned inside The Queen’s House.

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