Rare photo shows coordinated signatures of Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Charles and Camilla

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall had a long day in Loughborough at a rehabilitation centre for the armed forces, providing neurological care, occupational therapy and physical rehabilitation using adapted gyms and a specialized Help for Heroes swimming pool complex.

The facility then began treating patients in October 2018, replacing Headley Court in Surrey, after the Ministry of Defence made the decision to relocate clinical Rehabilitation to Stanford Hall. 

The Daily Mail's Rebecca English shared onTwitter, the royals matching signatures 
with Charles and Camilla sporting a similar writing style, as do William and his wife Kate. 

According to Emma Bache, graphologist and author of Reading between the Lines, revealed in her book:
"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, although not strikingly similar personalities, have complementary handwriting. Catherine's handwriting shows a sociable and outgoing nature, but one that enjoys her privacy. Note the right slant, small spaces between the words and tightly closed ovals. She has a good balance between the three zones and has a versatile personality. William's handwriting is smaller, with larger spaces between the words, but he too enjoys his privacy, when he can get it. Those long lower zones that pull to the right match his wife's hardworking and energetic attitude to life. He is the more sensitive of the two and he would appreciate her balanced, sensible and nurturing nature.”

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