The Best And Worst Love Matches In Life For Each Zodiac Sign


As common as zodiac signs and astrology may seem, a lot of people seem to take it quite seriously. In several cases, people look up their partners’ zodiac signs to see whether or not they are compatible. 

However, bear in mind that is not a reliable way to choose a life partner, as two people can make the effort to spend the rest of their lives together regardless of what their zodiac says.

Below are guides on which zodiac signs are likely to be a compatible match and those who are not.

Best And Worst Love Matches And Compatibility For Zodiac Signs


Aries is one of the most passionate zodiac signs, with enough courage and bravery to go with it. Aries are go-getters, and their daring personality makes them really want to try out different things.

The best love match for Aries would be the Libra. They are just as independent as you are, so they know what it means when someone needs space. Libras will play hard to get, which for you is fun because you live challenges. In the end, you will find that you will have so much fun together.

The worst love match for an Aries would be the Taurus. They can be clingy, which for you, is annoying. Also, they do not enjoy being chased or pursued in a relationship, and this can be diff4for your daring nature. 


Like the bull you are, you are honest, loyal and determined. But you are also an earth sign, which means you are calm, despite the obvious.

The best sign for you is the Scorpio. Scorpions love their privacy, so you do not need to worry about a clinging partner. Besides that, they can be fun too, drawing you out of your shell from time to time. Finally, they are also loyal creatures, so you will perfectly understand each other.

The worst sign for you is the Sagittarius. To begin with, you are earth, and they are fire signs. Direct opposites and there is likely to be a clash of personality. They hardly take things seriously, and this can be a major turn off for you.


Bubbly and adventurous, you are eager to explore and experience new things. You live an exciting life and you deserve someone who does the same or one who understands.

The best love sign for you would be the Sagittarius. You are alike in so many ways, and you will have loads of fun together. Also, you both have a penchant for learning new things, so you can always set off on a high road and explore.

The worst love sign for you would be the Capricorn. This is because of the fact that they are so conservative, having little or no time for games and fun. Their boring and principled lifestyle may make you feel like a child and can end up making you feel down.


The most empathic, romantic and level headed zodiac sign. You want the simple things of life including happiness and love, so you need someone who gets the message.

The best sign for you would be the Taurus. Like the Taurus sign, you are both practical and romantic. It does not take much to please you, as you are both satisfied with helping others. You would probably spend a lot of time caring for others.

The worst sign for you is the Aquarius. Their independent nature will make you feel helpless, as you are wired to help people. They may even try to control your life, which for you is a no-no.


Full of ego and pride, you need someone to indulge you and rub that ego. Deep down, you are still one of the most reasonable and friendly zodiac signs, even though you can be overconfident of your beauty sometimes. 

The best sign for you is the Sagittarius. Their outgoing nature is just what you need to show off that perfect personality and charm. You both have a flair for sexual confidence, so you can pull off the sexual fantasies together.

The worst sign for you is Scorpio. You love being the centre of attention, and the Scorpio is not ready to give you such. Time with a Scorpio will leave you feeling worthless and lonely. Your flirty nature will bring out the jealous nature of the Scorpio, not to mention their stubbornness.


As logical and smart as you are, you have also the quality of a passionate lover. You are highly imaginative, not to mention organized.

The best sign for you is the Scorpio. With your passionate ability to love, the pair of you will literally produce sparks of love. Your penchant for the order will be highly appropriate and appreciated by the Scorpio. Although people may think they are cold, you will be able to see their soft side.

The worst sign for you is the Sagittarius. Because of their carefree and fun-loving nature, you can get hurt as you want more stability in your life. Also, they enjoy the thrill of love pursuit, and this does not sit well with you.


The most lovable zodiac sign, you have a bit of a quirky and spontaneous side to you. It would take someone special to appreciate the combination of these two quality in you.

The best sign for is none other than Libra. You are the only one who can fully understand yourself. You know your strength and weakness, and with your fellow Libra, your relationship will be fun, exciting and romantic.

The worst sign for you is the Virgo. Despite your ability to love, you still have a bit of a wild streak in you which comes out from time to time. With a Virgo, you will feel choked up and unable to express those emotions and feelings. They can be critical of your lifestyle and are jot willing to join in the fun.


Highly independent and somewhat cold, it would take someone very observant, honest and smart to know what goes on in your heart, talk more of winning it.

The best sign for you is the Pisces. You both enjoy living in your own world, and that is one thing you have in common. If you end up together, you will love and value each other. Pisces will always be willing to open up to you, and that is something you appreciate the most.

The worst sign for you is the Aries. They love to dominate, and you are too stubborn to let them. All you want is a level headed partner who will understand you and give you your space, but an Aries will always want to be privy to every about you.


Excessively outgoing and social. You have so much energy and most of them are positive. You love to have fun, but at the same time, you carry about a lot of patience with you.

The best sign for you is the Aquarius. The cool, calm and reserved Aquarius is more than willing to provide a listening ear for your tales of adventure. They will give you the space you need, and at the same provide support when you need it as well.

The worst sign for you is the Taurus. As mentioned earlier, you are spontaneous, and that is not the kind of person they are. They take their time to make plans for their life, and to you, it may seem like a bunch of rules.


Ambition is the one word that perfectly describes you. You make plans for things and won’t stop until you have achieved them.

The best sign for you is the Virgo. They have the natural tendency to help others, and they will be there to help you of course in your ambition. They will provide an ear for your woes, a shoulder for you to cry on and the support you need to go again.

The worst sign for you is the Gemini. They are much too carefree to pay attention to you. Their interest is not the same as yours, and can never seem to be organized as opposed to you. You will both see each other as flighty and boring.


You are highly knowledgeable, even more than you know. But people may not know this due to your tendency to hide.

The best sign for you is the Sagittarius. There is no pressure in your relationship because each of you is just real. Sagittarius will be open to learning new things from you, and you, on the other hand, will be willing to part with the information you have.

The worst sign for you is the Cancer. They can be a bit clingy, and this does not sit well with you. They also love attention, and if they do not get it from you, they will not hesitate to accuse you of neglecting them. 


Dreamy and romantic, these are your traits. You build your own little world due to your feelings of not being understood by others.

The best sign for you is the Scorpio. You are both independent and fierce in your own world, it to mention the fact that you each value your privacy. You have a deep respect for each other, and your sexual life will be very interesting.

The worst sign for you is the Virgo. They do not hesitate to criticize your dreamy nature and may see you as immature. You on the other hand, cannot tolerate their tricky and unpredictable nature. 

The Best And Worst Love Matches In Life For Each Zodiac Sign

The Best And Worst Love Matches In Life For Each Zodiac Sign

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  1. So once again we have the popularization of sun sign astrology. Sun Signs are just the beginning of astrology the tip of the iceberg so to speak you do people a very very great disservice by telling them to use just Sun Signs to judge compatibility between people. Relationship reports are based on the date time and place of birth of each person then and only then can you tell all the positive and negative things about the relationship itself. Please please please stop publishing articles like this and that are based just on Sun Signs. The many people who do not believe in astrology always use this as their ammunition which they rightly can do because the sun sign once again is just one small part of a complete relationship report or of just a regular report of an individual's personality traits Etc. If anybody really wants to know about the relationship they should just go online to the many excellent astrology sites and order a relationship report for themselves. Then and only then will you find out the positive and negative aspects of your relationship with your loved one. But trust me you aren't going to find it just going by Sun Signs. So please people use your heads do the right thing and good relationship report done.



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