The Body Language Of Attraction According To Each Zodiac Sign


There have been cases where we must have met or come across someone we found attractive and we just couldn’t summon up enough courage to walk up to them and strike a conversation. Sometimes, we may tend to give off signs or signals to these people just so we can be noticed. It could be with our eyes, what we say, or with our bodies.


Body language is a very subtle way of trying to let someone know you are open for discussion or attraction. Sometimes, they cannot be easily picked up by people, especially if they do not know how to read these body signals. 

This brings us to the question. How can you tell that someone likes you from their body language? 

Different people have different ways of passing messages of attraction through body language, and here is a list of how each zodiac signs body language tells you they are attracted to you.


Like their personality, Aries are bold and fearless. When they are flirting with you, they will make sure to do things that will capture your attention. They could do so by coming to sit right beside you, making sure to brush against you arm. As mentioned earlier, they are bold, so they will not have any problems displaying their affection without a care of what people will say or do. They do not hide how they feel, so they will likely hug or kiss you in public. Finally, they will take their time to look good so just so you will notice them.


People who are born under  this sign are not as confident as the Aries. They do not usually have the courage to make moves when they like you, like the Aries is likely to do. Instead, they will look for some other less obvious way to capture your attention. If a Taurus is flirty, they will do so with their eyes. They will stare directly at you, and shyly turn away with a smile when you notice them. They will only make the effort to come close to you when they are comfortable. Their own body language is done mostly with the eyes.


Gemini are already social people, but when it comes to flirting, they are a bit more specific. When a Gemini is smitten with you, they will initiate non-violent physical contact with you like a playful fight, teasing and just being playful and spontaneous. They may constantly want to hold your hand. They will always want to be around you, and will also tell you they like you by staring at you longingly. They will only make efforts to kiss or hug you when they have become very accustomed to you and have become free.


 Cancers use their body and their eyes when flirting. Their actions can be confusing as you may not be able to tell when they are just being friendly, or when they are actually flirting. When they are flirting, they will do all they can to make you comfortable, and this includes complimenting you and touching you subtly. They can be clingy due to their touchy nature, but they are usually very clumsy around people they like. 


Like the animal, lion, Leos are very territorial about their properties. Of they find you attractive, they will go to great lengths to show it and prove it to you. They can be aggressive with physical show of love just like Aries. However, they can also be calm around you. They will make sure they look really good for you and will not let anyone else come close. They may kiss you at every opportunity they get, just to show everyone that you are theirs. They love too much, it can come of as being choking.


VIRGO is the type that will not usually give you body language to show they are attracted to you. They are bold, and as such, will walk up to you and clearly ask you out. When they find you attractive, they will have their hands all over you, paying special attention to sensitive parts of your body. They are more concerned with building strong connections with people they love, but they will not hesitate to smother you with love and affection.


Libras are natural romantics. When they are attracted to you they will go to great lengths to show it. Their sole aim is to make you happy. They use every part of their body to communicate their attraction to you. They will lick their lips, stare into your eyes, hold you hands and do the most silly things to make you happy. Also, they will pick up your behaviors and mirror your body language.

The Body Language Of Attraction According To Each Zodiac Sign


Scorpios are intensely romantic and sensual people. They are masters of charm and seduction, and will do things to bring you closer to them. They will hug you affectionately, and try to touch every part your body. They are also territorial and will try to keep everyone away from you. Everything about their actions is sexualised, including their smile. They will also be touchy and clingy.


Sagittarius will use the body language to the fullest. They are the type to let you know upfront that they find you attractive. They will make jokes, compliment you and even make sexual comments about you. They are not shy and will have no problem with kissing you in public, sitting on your lap and being as intimate as they can. They may start their flirtatious actions slow, but they will not back down.


If there is anything such as cool flirt, then it best describes Capricorn. They are not one to make public proclamation of love, but when they are alone with you, they will not hesitate to explore every part of you. They use their eyes a lot to convey their love messages, and will always pay attention to the small details about you.


Aquarius are the most shy when it comes to flirting. They will do their flirting without drawing attention to themselves. Instead of meeting your eyes, they will look away and fidget with things around them. They will admire you from afar, and will seem to disappear when you notice them. They will maintain their distance, but will come close when they are sure you feel the same way.


Pisces are already dreamy, and thus when they are into someone, they will show you that they do. They will show it by making body contact with you, touching your hands, looking into your eyes, etc. They will love to be around you, but they can show some tendencies of being controlling. However it is just their way of being protective. 

The Body Language Of Attraction According To Each Zodiac Sign

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