The major difference in the Queen’s celebration on Prince Andrew’s Birthday


This year, the Queen’s first born son celebrated his birthday on a low tone as he turned 60.

Amongst the numerous wishes he received from his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, his daughter Princess Eugiene and Beatrice, the royal received good wishes from his mother the Queen, but this time there was a difference in the choice of words.

The Queen through the Buckingham Palace Instagram account on Wednesday shared a picture of Prince Andrew as a baby with a text that reads: “On this day in 1960, Prince Andrew was born at Buckingham Palace, the first child born to a reigning monarch for 103 years. Happy Birthday to The Duke of York

While his 2019 birthday post read: “Happy Birthday to HRH The Duke of York #HappyBirthdayHRH.” 

Prince Andrew stepped down from royal duties sometime at the beginning of the year following his alleged relationship with sex convict Jeff Epstein, who took his life while waiting for trial. So far, according to Nicholas Biase at the US Attorney’s office in New York, the royal has not offered any cooperation on the case and is still expected to. 

Prince Andrew will no longer be addressed with royal titles as observed in his 2020 birthday message from the Queen through Buckingham Palace.

A Buckingham Palace“The tweet follows our house style and as was confirmed in November last year, the Duke has stepped back from his public duties and patronages for the foreseeable future and remains a member of the royal family.” HELLO! understands that the Palace often alternates how it refers to members of the royal family on social media and today’s birthday message is not unusual.

This trend will also be applied to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex from April 1, as they have stepped down from royal duties earlier this year and are working to be financially independent.

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