The surprising royals Prince Charles had tea with at his Highgrove home


Prince Charles had tea with Romanian royals on Monday according to Romania’s royal family’s website.

After many years of long standing relationship, Crown Princess Margareta and her husband Prince Radu, meets with Prince Charles at his Gloucestershire home for tea. 

The Romanian Royal is goddaughter to Prince Philip, the Queen’s Husband and she enjoyed her summer holidays as a child with Prince Charles and Princess Anne. She even served as one of the bridesmaids in Princess Anne’s wedding. 

Prince Charles also visited the family in Bucharest during an official tour in 2017 and attended King Michael I’s funeral on December 5, 2017-the very year, Magareta claimed the headship of the House of Romania since his death although she had assumed her father’s duties in March 2016, upon his retirement.

She also heads the Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation.

King Michael was the last King of Romania, reigning from July 1927 to June 1930 and again from September 1940 to his forced abdication in December 1947. In November, Michael attended the wedding of his cousins, the future Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark in London. Shortly thereafter, on the morning of 30 December 1947, Groza met with Michael and compelled him to abdicate. Michael was forced into exile, his properties confiscated, and his citizenship stripped. In 1948, he married Princess Anne of Bourbon-Parma (thenceforth known as Queen Anne of Romania) in Athens, Greece, with whom he had five daughters, and the couple eventually settled in Switzerland where they raised their five daughters (Crown Princess Margareta, Princess Elena- heir to Princess Margareta as Head of House of Romania, Princess Irina, Princess Sophie and Princess Marie) in Switzerland. 

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