Celtic Sigils, Their Meanings And Effect Of Each Knots To Life


Centuries ago, the Celts used symbols and sigils for the representation of intense magical powers. The Celts were of the iron age and were led by warrior chiefs. The Celtics were people who lived in Britain and early Europe around the year 500 BC and 400 AD. Hence leads to the origination of Celtic Sigils

The Celtic knots or sigils were of different varieties and purposes, and they all had a different meaning. Below are six Celtic sigils and their meanings.

Celtic Sigils, Their Meanings And Effect Of Each Knots To Life


This Celtic sigil is represented by a tree that its branches and roots are intertwined. The branches spread far above and the roots go really deep and in the end, they are still intertwined together. This sigil signifies the connection between the heavens and the earth. 

If you pick this symbol, it means you have a connection with the earth and you are the best version of yourself when you tap into the potentials of the heavens and the earth. This symbol helps you to connect with nature.


This symbol represents the fire or the Phoenix. The fire is enclosed in this sign, so it means a hidden potential or burning desire. If this sigil was your pick, then it means you have more than enough energy or passion inside of you. 

You simply need the means to channel it out and bring it to light. Be careful, however, so you do not burn yourself out too quickly. Instead, let the fire burn on its own pace and you will see its warmth radiate to you and everyone around you.


This Celtic knots stand to represent pure natural power from the earth. If you pick this sigil, it means you have a pure connection with the world and nature. However, with such power comes its own responsibility, and you must use your power not just for your own benefit, but for others as well. 

Your true power and its extent can only be unleashed with the right connection to its source which is the nature and everything around it.

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