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Princess Beatrice and Edoardo's Royal Wedding cancelled?

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's oldest daughter is set to be married on May 29th to property developer, Edoardo Mapelli.
Yesterday, the UK government heightened measures to tackle and contain the spread of coronavirus, COVID-19 in the UK. The measures included limiting social interactions and putting an end to mass gatherings in the coming weeks. It is also advised that vulnerable members of the public- those over the age of 70 or with underlying health issues- should limit social contact for 12 weeks from this weekend.
A Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “We are studying the implications of the new Government advice and its impact on forthcoming events.”
This review have led to the cancellation of the Queen’s official birthday celebrations, Trooping the Colour which are held in June.

The wedding preparations have been on steady up-rise but could the virus outbreak be a huge threat to their big day? Not forgetting the scandal the father of the bride is currently dealing with as he has stepped down from royal duties.
However, the government is yet to release an official timeline for these measures,and the Queen will be 94 by May 29th putting the monarch in risk and considering that by the government's measures counts up to June 13 which is weeks after Princess Beatrice's wedding.

“The whole of the Queen’s summer diary is looking like it is going to be completely wiped out. The palace have so far refused to confirm the garden parties will be cancelled but there is no way they will go ahead. It’s also looking highly unlikely the Derby or Ascot will go ahead. The Queen is trying to keep calm and carry on, but at nearly 94 they won’t be taking any chances with her health.” - A royal source said:

Another issue could be the restrictions on travels for immigrants from outside Britain as Edoardo's Father is from Italy and will pull a crowd from the most affected country in Europe by the corona virus.

Nothing has been said yet, from Bukingham Palace as the Queen was due to host the wedding reception at the Palace garden with the couple’s request to use marquees and portaloo’s from the garden.

Palace officials are sold out to following government’s new measures and are reviewing the use of the garden, leaving the couple with the search for other options of space or a wedding postponement.

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