10 Disturbing Signs The Universe Sends When You Are On The Wrong Path


In life, we maybe pushed to make certain decisions we should not have, for one reason or another. But we must understand that we were always meant to do something or be something. However, when we stray from that purpose, the universe can send us signals that we are on the wrong path. Here are 10 of those signs we can experience.

Your First Instinct

Even before you take that step or make that decision that will not benefit you, you will have the feeling that it is going to go south. That first feeling that tells you it may not go exactly as planed is the universe sending you a warning that you are on the wrong path.

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You’re Constantly Sick

Have you been sick more often lately, especially if you are not the type to easily fall sick? If yes, it could be an indication that you are doing something wrong. Although stress can make you fall sick, but that may not be the case. Retrace your steps and try something new.

You’re Anxious For No Reason

Yes you might feel this way when you are trying something new for the first time, but this feeling also comes when you are doing something wrong. Perhaps you’re not doing it for the first time, but you discover that each time you do it, you’re not so sure of yourself. If that is the case, then try doing something else entirely different.

Deep Feeling Of Not Being Accomplished

It has always been said and known that when you do something you really love, you will be happy. But if you find yourself struggling to do that which you do at the moment, or you do not feel so happy doing them, then you should listen to your heart and find your path once again.

10 Warning Signs The Universe Sends When You Are On The Wrong Path

You’re Completely Drained

It’s not a bad sign if you are tired after a long day, but when you have to drag yourself out of bed each day just to get work done, or you feel not just physically exhausted, but mentally exhausted as well, then the message is from the universe telling you that something is wrong somewhere.

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Red Flags

Red flags are more of physical and psychological warning signs that what you’re doing is wrong. This does not mean you will see a red flag per se, they may come in different forms, or in things you normally regard as a bad sign. If you see them often, then pay more attention to what you’re doing.

Unexpected Road Blocks

For some reason, what you’re doing is not just working out, or you keep experiencing one problem after another. If this is your case, then you need to properly examine whatever it is you are doing and figure out if it is really right for you. You might juts be experiencing road blocks because you’re not supposed to be doing those.

10 Warning Signs The Universe Sends When You Are On The Wrong Path

Delays And Setbacks

Just like roadblocks, delays and setbacks are signals that maybe you should not be doing these. This does not refer to all roadblocks, some may be encountered by your own effort, but others are a warning to stop.

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You Realize You Have Lost Sight Of Your Dreams

When we were little and growing up, we had something we all wanted to be. That was our dream. But as we got older, we got thrown into something else that wasn’t even close probably because of circumstance. You may not even realize that you’ve lost sight of your dream until it hits you like a storm. Maybe it will take a simple trigger to get you to get back on track again.

You Realise You’re Struggling So Much

Doing things we love should not cost us so much. We should even be happy doing them. But when you find yourself working extra hard and putting in extra effort to do something that comes so easy to someone else, then the universe may just be telling you that it is not the right thing for you. You have to find your own path.

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