17 Relationship Concepts You Should Know

Now that love and its expression are seasonal, what was invalid many years ago is valid, now. Better put, Today's love and relationship are unpredictable, love means something different to everyone; it looks and feels different to everyone. Before this generation, love only has one face and one meaning -in concept. But at a time like this, it is with many faces.

Read below, and assimilate some discoveries about today's kind of love and relationships.

1. Relationship Is No Longer Monogamous.

As it was before, those in relationships only have one sexual/romantic partner at a time. These traditional ways of relationship frown at double-dating, it will be a shame if you are seeing more than one sexual partner in many generations back then. This generation has appeared with many types of relationship- talk of ‘friends with benefits’ relationship, ‘open’ relationship, polyandrous relationship and others.

The earlier you know and accept this, the less pain will come on you. Accepting this will help you to define your relationship type with your partner, maybe what you call ‘cheat’ is not actually cheat. The relationship is being run now in different types, so discuss this with your partner and know what type you are running.

Relationships today is no longer in the traditional ways. Read page 2 for the full concepts


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