3 Ways Empathy Can Serve As Positive Factors In Teamwork


Coming to a full understanding of what Empathy really means will do us many benefits, some people see Empathy as Sympathy- no it is not. It is not pity; it is not commiseration; it is not an agreement and it is not an endorsement. It just means understanding and entering into another’s feelings. We don’t have to agree with them or fully understand them to be able to empathize.

So, How Empathy Serve As Positive Factor(s) In Team Work: 

Empathy Fosters Quality Relationship in the Team:

Empathy is one factor in a relationship, as it helps to lead, it also helps to follow people (this statement means both leaders and followers need to have It, though all eyes on the leaders); it helps to collaborate with others; be able to cross-organizational and cultural boundaries and need to create shared direction, alignment, and commitment between social groups with very different histories, perspectives, values and cultures. It stands to reason that empathy would go a long way toward meeting these people-oriented managerial and leadership requirements.

3 Ways Empathy Can Serve As Positive Factors In Teamwork

Empathy Lifts Team Morale:

Morale will always be high where there is empathy. It is so that in any place of work, some are smarter than others, some achieve much numbers of success records than others. So what is the role of empathy here? 

Empathy is sensitive to those achieving less: sensitive to signs of overwork in others, shows interest in the needs, hopes, and dreams of other people, is willing to help an employee with personal problems, and convey compassion toward them when other people disclose a personal loss.


With empathy, the morale of this affected individual would be raised high and deliver efficiently which eventually leads to Successful Job Performance.

3 Ways Empathy Can Serve As Positive Factors In Teamwork

A place of work with no empathy achieve less than those that are rich in empathy. So if you don’t have it, covet it –it has many professional benefits. 

Fortunately, empathy is not a fixed trait. It can be learned (Shapiro, 2020). If given enough time and support, It’s skills can be developed and enhanced through coaching, training, or developmental opportunities and initiatives.

Empathetic work place is the best workplace out there!

However, you must be reminded that HAVING empathy is not the same thing as DEMONSTRATING empathy. So empathy that is demonstrated serves as a positive factor in teamwork.

3 Ways Empathy Can Serve As Positive Factors In Teamwork
3 Ways Empathy Can Serve As Positive Factors In Teamwork

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