5 Educational Benefits Of Big Brother Reality TV Show


Big Brother is a reality competition television series, based on the Big Brother television franchise, in which 12 to 21 contestants live in an isolated house and compete for a large cash prize worth N60m/100USD and other material gifts at the end of the show by avoiding being evicted from the house. 

The show is usually viewed by millions of Nigerian youths. BBNaija is Big Brother Naija or Big Brother Nigeria in full.

So, what educational benefits does it have? You need to know, remember that ‘Information is Power’

BBNaija Teaches the Importance of Accountability

BBNaija comes with a session- the ‘Diary session’. It is a therapeutic session- this session provides an avenue to pour out heart burning issues to someone in better position that can help. In this session, many housemates would break down emotionally and pour out their bad energies to Biggie- a father figure. And guess what? They are better at heart after doing this (the outpour).

Can we now relate it?

Every child at school need someone they can talk to- regardless of level of education. Every pupils and students needs a ‘Biggie’ in their teacher, professor, senior colleagues, parent and anybody who is in the position of a guardian, that they may share and discuss their educational problems with them. Unpleasant issues will arise, you need someone to be accountable to that you may stay sane in unpleasant situations; gives you advice on what to do when you are getting it wrong. A worthy shoulders to lean on is essential in any sector we find ourselves. 

5 Educational Benefits Of Big Brother Reality TV Show

BBNaija Talks the Importance of Technology (Media)

BBNaija teaches the power of media, and how we can employ it to our advantages. From YouTube to Instagram, and other social networks. Life is getting interesting with the increasing power and influence of media, phone with data packets will do much more than what a television set will do. It is becoming obvious that media platforms give people to access and follow the programme on their phones, tablets than a stationed TV set.

Let’s relate it now,

To whom it may concern- as a sophisticated and lover of formal education. Our eyes are opened to how we can leverage on the media to make ends meet, to cover ground. Today, people look at phones for entertainment, news, information. You can exploit this as a lover of formal education, too.

Many people see BBNaija as entertainment, but looking at the 2 highlighted points above, it is edutainment- more than just entertainment.

5 Educational Benefits Of Big Brother Reality TV Show

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