6 Things Introverts Can Do To Be Livelier


Prior to misconception, an introvert is assumed to be living a very extreme boring life. This is not so true, an introvert also lives an attractive life, though not all are living this life, but everyone can actually live it if they want to.

As an introvert you are, you can make your life attractive and totally change the belief people share about you by doing what is discussed below

1. Embrace Your Personality

Refuse to get lost in the midst of social peers that preaches against your personality. Day to day, they hear “Be friendlier.” “Build your network and meet as many people as possible.”

No introvert actually wants to hear this, so instead of having feeling against people that say this to you, appreciate who you are, don’t be offended by your critics and tolerate them.

2. Take Care of Yourself

Do you know that as an introvert, your life tends to be more boring if you don’t take care of yourself? Unlike extroverts that require socialization to recharge, you as an introvert require some quiet time to recharge. You need this quiet time. For someone who is in that open environment all day, coming home to a busy house or a second job at night can be overwhelming. Build in quiet time for yourself. This could mean spending two hours in an open space and then hiding away from for 10 minutes in a quiet corner of the cafeteria while you recharge your battery. You need to give yourself that time to decompress.

6 Things Introverts Can Do To Be Livelier

With this, you are guaranteed not to live a more dull life. Wouldn’t you want to avoid personality drift in the opposite direction to what was desired?

3. Show More Willingness to Be Livelier

You are willing to adjust by hoping to live a more lively life, but it’s going to take a lot more than hoping to adjust. The mere desire to adjust is not sufficient, it takes concrete action.

4. Find Your Perfect Wingman (as Vanessa Van Edwards would say it)

“Knowing who can be a great social partner for you is the second step to take in living a life that would be attractive. Will a friendly extrovert help you break into a crowd or overpower every conversation? Will a fellow introvert be a good partner in crime but discourage meeting new people? Find your best event and socializing partner” and move along well with one another. Together, you will break many social barriers, and people will notice this positive great change in you.

6 Things Introverts Can Do To Be Livelier

5. Do Everything to Beat Your Challenges

From the words of Nathan Hudson [a professor in Psychology], “the more trait-consistent behavioral challenges you successfully completed, the more your personality traits adjusted.”

When you give yourself a challenge to make a change, stick with it and take concrete steps to make it happen. Devise a plan, start small and track your habits. For illustration, when you give yourself and accept a challenge of introducing yourself to a stranger, try to beat the challenge.

6. Give Yourself a Benefit of Doubt

Peradventure you fail to meet up with the challenge(s) you give yourself [like the one stated in number 5], don’t be too hard on yourself lest think you can never succeed. Just because you don’t succeed at first doesn’t mean you never will, but you have to start again.

6 Things Introverts Can Do To Be Livelier
6 Things Introverts Can Do To Be Livelier
6 Things Introverts Can Do To Be Livelier
6 Things Introverts Can Do To Be Livelier
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