9 Ways To Own Your Shadow Before It Owns You


We all know and believe that our shadow is that dark reflection caused or created when we come close to a light source. While this type is shadow is harmless, the actual shadow that we are talking about is the other type of shadow. This other type of shadow is your own dark side. We all have a good and bad side to us. We all have pristine and devious sides to our personalities, and the shadow refers to those devious sides.

If left unchecked, this shadow can control our lives, taking over our psychological well being, basically owning us. When this happens, you become a slave to your own anger, hatred and bad side. Here are 7 ways to prevent this from happening.

1. Identify Your Triggers

You do not just switch over to the dark side or give in to terrible and negative thoughts about yourself or others. There is always a trigger or a cause. You feel a certain way or react a certain way when you come in contact with those triggers. The triggers can be physical, emotional, psychological or even mental. Identifying those triggers simply means repairing whatever relationship you have with it.

Once you have identified these triggers, the next thing to do would be to reflect on what you can do about it or even stay away from it.

2. Talk To The Right People

On several occasions, serious problems are avoided by simply talking to the right people. We all see things from a different perspective and sometimes, we may be blind to some things. Talking to the right people will help us see things from their own point of view and they will also open our eyes to those things we missed. The people you can talk to include your genuine friends, your family and basically anyone who truly cares about you and have your best interest at heart.

These people will tell you all you need to know about the dark side of you that you may not be able to see yourself, and also help you control them.

9 Ways To Own Your Shadow Before It Owns You

3. Fall In Love

It’s a wonder why people fall in love to feel happy or fulfilled. Intimacy or the feeling of love has a way of removing those negative traits or emotions we have going on inside of us (provided you are in the right relationship with the right person after all). When you are in love, you get the feeling that everything should be perfect and as such, all negativity that has been suppressed inside of you will surface on its own.

Do not panic, this is an opportunity for you to deal with it. All you need to do is own it, accept the truth and let it go by dealing with it.

4. Meditate

Meditation is simply the act that involves cleansing or purging your system of all impurities or negativities. It does not necessarily have to involve you sitting quietly in a particular pose for minutes or hours. Everyone has a process that works for them. For some people, they prefer peace and quiet and some others would rather let out loud noises to feel better.

The essence of meditation is to let go of all pent up energy. By doing this, you release yourself from all thoughts and feelings that are holding you back. 

5. Write It Down

Not quite long ago, people especially the young adults and teenagers and even adults, kept journals or diaries. Although some people still do so today, we have greatly underestimated the effect and power of writing things down. We may see it as nothing, but when you take to writing down your thoughts and feelings, or basically anything that comes to mind, you might be surprised as to what you will be releasing from your system. Sometimes, you will not realize what you are harboring in your soul or mind until you pick up a pen and paper. Get writing today.

Talk To The Right People

6. Check Your Judgements

In some cases, our own demons are not created by what we are going through, but by what we think of others. When you find yourself criticizing someone or everyone for a particular trait or attribute, it could be your own fault or flaw being projected onto someone else. Although you may not see it, but you may just be seeing your own dark side projected on another or several individuals.

This is merely a ploy to get you to work on your own self , and when you do, you will see everyone for who they really are.

7. Watch Your Association

They say evil communication corrupts good manners. If you are the type that finds it really hard to resist pressure , then you are on the path towards giving into your dark side. When you are constantly surrounded by people or characters that are always on the bad side of their personalities, then you will find it very easy to give in to your dark side or shadow. Being around positive attitudes and people will help you keep your shadow self in check.

9 Ways To Own Your Shadow Before It Owns You
9 Ways To Own Your Shadow Before It Owns You
9 Ways To Own Your Shadow Before It Owns You
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