4 Ways To Keep A Relationship With Same Sex And Get it Working


Same sex is either a gay relationship or that of lesbian. Regardless of where you fall into, I am sure something attracts you to each other-muscles, pink lips, six-pack abdomen, mode of dressing, fame, and many others. It is okay as long as you both enjoy it, but how do you plan to keep this relationship you can’t trade for anything? Is there a chance to have this relationship as long as you want it? 

1. Always inject FANTASIES to your s8x life

Fantasy makes what is familiar new and exciting again; it pops more fun into your sexual activities. There will be a time when one of you is not enjoying the sexual act like the other, it is becoming boring now. Until you know and accept that s8x can grow old and be boring, you will not know you have to add spice to your sexual moves. You need creativity to spice up a s8x life that has become routine, this can mean ramping up your curiosity about role-play, exploring breathing practices like tantra.

4 Ways To Keep A Relationship With Same Sex And Get it Working

Even if one of you is too tired for sex, a long relaxing massage is part of the fantasies we are talking about. S8x life remains one aspect of relationship development that requires a spirit of fun. Be creative to send boredom packing.

2. Give Breathing Space

Give him time alone, give her breathing space, everyone needs time alone, most especially in the ‘same sex’ type of relationship. Your partner need some friends and activities that belongs to their world and that are not always experienced with you. Let them shut the door, put on the earphones or go for a walk by themselves in the neighbourhood if they want it this way. It is okay and important to go away for a while, as long as they commit to authentically coming back later. You wouldn’t want to be too clingy.

This highlights your level of trust and maturity.

4 Ways To Keep A Relationship With Same Sex And Get it Working

3. Value the Relationship

Let your partner know that the relationship means a lot to you, go out with your partner upon their request even if it is not your area of interest. A birthday party in your partner’s office, a night-hang out is also a good idea to spend quality time together. Take time out and talk a lot about one another- your work, struggles, and success stories.

4. Keep Up With the Glamour

Keep up with the glamour that attracts you to one another in the first place. Ask for the reason why your partner choose you, and don’t stop doing it. It could be your dressing style, generosity, empathy, athleticism, the way you smile or walk.

Knowing why you are together WILL keep you together; don’t stop being the person your partner used to know. Don’t lose your centre of attraction, it is your jackpot to win your partner over and over again.

4 Ways To Keep A Relationship With Same Sex And Get it Working

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