11 Scary Symptoms of A Nervous Breakdown You Should Never Ignore

When we go about our daily activities and routines, we are faced and confronted with several situations and conditions. While some of these situations are pretty much easy to deal with, a lot of them are not so easy to handle. We may be subjected to a series of uncomfortable and disturbing scenarios on a daily basis, that we may not know when we are on the brink of mental and psychological exhaustion. On some occasions, we may be going through a nervous breakdown without our own knowledge.

But know this, for every health risk you are going through, there are symptoms that come along with it. These symptoms let you know that you need to take a break from what is causing the issue and take care of the problem. For nervous breakdown, we may not really understand its symptoms, but they are there nonetheless. Below are 11 scary symptoms of a nervous breakdown you should not ignore.


Whether they are simple decisions like what to have for breakfast, or more serious decisions, having a hard time making up your mind about something is not such a good sign. It is one of the underlying symptoms that your mental state is not as fine as it used to be. This happens when you are constantly in a state of self doubt, where you do not have that confidence in your own abilities anymore, probably because of what you have been exposed to. When this happens, it is time to take a break and seek help.


The overwhelming feeling of fear or dread that comes up without notice, leaving you shaken and nervous is what is referred to as a panic attack. When it occurs regularly, then your psychological and mental state is up for questioning. When you are having a panic attack, a lot of thoughts race through your mind and even your breathing is labored. All these reactions are triggered by the imbalance of the nerves and mental state. You should see a doctor when you start noticing recurring signs of panic attacks. Read page 2 for more Symptoms


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