These Four Zodiac Signs Are The Smartest According To Astrologers Study

Different zodiac signs, different strength. We have many intelligent signs, yet they display their intelligence in different ways, some have it more than others.

When it comes to valuing Intelligence Quotient, Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer and Aquarius have higher pass mark than the rest, yet different expression: Scorpio has more ‘pure’ emotional intelligence than Aquarius; their feelings towards things and person are so intense and sharply felt. And as the case of Aquarius, their intelligence is more of logical- not emotional unlike the Scorpions; 

They are expert in analysis, more real and mathematical in their mode of approach. Pisces and Cancer are on the same points when it comes to emotional intelligence, their attributes of emotional intelligence is damn different from that of Scorpio. Despite being rich in emotional intelligence, they are able to maintain a balance between their egos and emotions which makes them more direct in way of handling situations than Scorpio.

Other few signs that can be enlisted after the order of Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer and Aquarius are Gemini and Libra: Gemini and Libra are also intelligent, the word ‘clever’ suits them best and know how to go about things softly (in their own way) lest they break down because they are not really tough people, also, it’s worth noting that they can easily win the heart of people over to themselves.

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