10 Amazing Psychology and Mind Tricks You Can Use To Get People Do Something


Psychology 1. How To Get The Noisy Auditorium To Almost Instantly Quiet Down Without Making Any Sounds Or Uttering A Word

Start mouthing as if you are talking while gesturing at the same time. A lot of people will immediately quiet down, trying to grasp what is it exactly that you are saying or doing.

2. How To Make Someone Excited Whenever They Meet You

If you start acting truly excited every time you meet someone, they will eventually start getting excited as well without even realizing why.

3. Having Problems With Sustaining Eye Contact?

Whenever you are talking to someone and feel like you can no longer hold eye contact, try staring at the space between the eyebrows of that person. They won’t be able to tell where you are looking at, thinking you are still holding their gaze.

4. The Puppeteer Game

In case you are in someone’s view but they don’t even bother to look at you or pay you enough attention, try copying their movements. Shortly after several minutes, start initiating movements and they will copy you. You can play with your hair, cross or uncross your legs, etc. and they’ll repeat them after you.

Psychology 5. Want To Drive Your Opponent Crazy During An Argument?

Say something as agreeable and positive as possible to a person who is trying to draw you into the argument or confrontation. They’ll be shocked or furious, even, when you don’t take the bait.

10 Amazing Psychology and Mind Tricks You Can Use To Get People Do Something

Psychology 6. The Power Of Silence

During a conversation, get comfortable with pauses while letting the other person struggle to come up with methods to fill the void. It will throw most people off their game, putting you in a charge of the whole conversation. See Page 2 for more psychological tricts below


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