19 Toxic Statements A Guy Would Say To You That Shows He’s 100% Toxic


It is pertinent to study your man dating life, now that you have the best chance to make your options. Your love for him should not blind you mentally, as odd as it sounds, a man’s value can be deduced in the way he talks and relates with his woman- – the earlier you know this, the better for you. if he says at least 5 of this words to you he is 100% toxic

Follow me to a land of discovery where you will know the real thoughts of your guy concerning you by what he says.

1. ‘Let’s Keep It Secret’

A guy that is not proud of your relationship with you is deadly, he stops you from calling your boyfriend as he won’t call you his love either. He pretends nothing is on-going between you both, for whatever reason. Then you should know you are not safe with him.

2. ‘You Are Like Your Mother/Father’

How on earth can a man go as far to say this to the person he claims to be betrothed or would-be betrothed to in an ungraceful manner? He says this to get at you and make you angry.

Mind you, your mother/father is not bad, much to his ignorance and toxic behaviour. But the guy is not well cultured, saying this over and over again calls for your immediate observation.

3. ‘Can We Do This Later Please?’

He wouldn’t like to strike a conversation with you, and tell you this when you try initiating one to keep you mum. It is not that you don’t study the best time to initiate a conversation, but it has become part and parcel of him to tell you this always. With this, it is evident he is no longer a friend.

4. ‘I Forgot’

It is possible and understandable to miss an event or memory, but not always, not things that matter. You both have planned to do something or go somewhere, better still to help you with one thing or the other. But after he has messed things up, he would always say ‘I forgot’ with no remorse. This is so bad.

It could be you texted or he missed your calls, after it is obvious that he cannot deny he did not read your message(s) or missed calls, then he say ‘I forgot to text or call back’

5. ‘You Are Boring’

‘You are boring’- – ‘You are not smart’ all fall in the same bracket, he says it to scorn you and to affect your self-esteem. This statement is a hard that summarizes what he thinks of you, and thereby indirectly suggesting future complaints- you know what I mean by this. It is a statement he should never say, the statement kills.

19 Toxic Statements A Guy Would Say To You That Shows He’s 100% Toxic

6. ‘You Can’t Change Me’

If he say this to you, even when you have not tried to influence him or you actually do for a better cause, then he is toxic guy who would keep frustrating you until……..

7. ‘I Didn’t See Your Text’

How true is this? From someone that shares emotional bond with us, and every time, he tells you ‘I didn’t see your text’. He has thought it is not a big deal replying or confirming to read your message(s). if he does this always, the guy is deadly- a player.

8. ‘We Will Meet Each Other Family Later’

He postpones your meeting with his family and will suspend his meeting with yours as well. Despite after many years together, he gives you different excuses just to win over you. It is a deadly statement for that matter that shows he totally has different view from yours.

9. ‘I Don’t Know’

He does not want you to say this to him, yet he takes delight in replying you with this over and over again, you had asked “When will you return? What would you have me do for you? And his reply would be ‘I don’t know’- it just sucks. It is a toxic remark that highlights his woeful commitment to your relationship with him.

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10. ‘You Talk Too Much

This is so sharp a statement to cut one’s flow. It can happen that you want to express your feelings and thoughts to the one you love, but him cutting in sharply with ‘You talk too much’. This means one thing; he is not on the same page with you. He now finds it habitual to cut in with this statement.

So, if your man constantly make use of the half of the discussed statements above, then he is not prepared for the work at hand, and the work to come. Consider these statements, come out with a decision, lest you………….. Read page 2 below for more Toxic statements you need to know

19 Toxic Statements A Guy Would Say To You That Shows He’s 100% Toxic

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