6 Signs And Symptoms Of A Sex Addict


Like every other addict, addict remains dependent on their obsession, it is a physiological thing, they identify with it and it is their way of life. looking into 6 Signs And Symptoms Of A Sex Addict

First, let’s Talk about sex addict, they depend on sex to function well in other areas of life. It affects rheir countenance and every bit of their being. Before and now, they take on habits that conform them to what they are, and anyone that engages in those habits will become one too, definitely.

Their sex drive is ultraactive; always uncontrollable and want to be in the act; to their significant partner, it sucks.

Anyone that exhibits signs and symptoms below can overcome the hurdles of addiction, not without the timely help of a sex therapist. You can save a friend, and you can save yourself.

1. They Masturbate Again, And Again

Every active souls sometimes masturbate, and it is understandable. It becomes overly if one masturbates [at the sight of a passing curvy woman, or any of lady’s underwear, and many more instances]. As a result of this, they end up masturbating at least four to five times a day. This indicates sexual addiction has overtaken them, in as much they see this as pleasure, it is a high risk that could claim their breath.

6 Signs And Symptoms Of A Sex Addict

2. They Breathe, Think, Talk, Eat And Watch Sex

Their central activity is at the mercy of sex talk. When it happens that they can’t afford engaging in a sexual activity for a day, they ask for more of it, they surf adult sites and want to be alone. They can go for many rounds at different ‘go’ and they resort to keep themselves kicking via stimulating sex pills. After all, they are humans, and have certain limit they can reach, but because of their rich lust for sexual desire, they take stimulants. They have it planned in their day to day To-do’s lists.

A person who does this, male or female, is addicted to sex, already.

3. They Keep Many Relationships

Say a sex addict’s partner can’t live up to his or her request, then they create options for themselves to meet their sexual needs. They are okay with being in open relationships that spell SEX, only. Time to time, then would request for a service of a sex client from brothels, a visit there too consolidates how much they want it, despite having someone who does keep their bed warm, already. They have eyes for opposite sex and would always want to get under their skin. They are more than flirt.

This is a trait in any person that highlights their obsession for sex making.

6 Signs And Symptoms Of A Sex Addict

4. They Assault Sexually

Many times, they fight their way out to satisfy their sexual desire, even when the other opposite sex is turning down their sexual offers, they beat and wear their clothes out. At the sight of sex, they are either happy or angry- happy if you give in to them, and get angry if they don’t have their way.

Any person in the category is a certified grade A sex addict. 

6 Signs And Symptoms Of A Sex Addict

5. They Can’t Resist Sex

Despite their resoultion and vow, not to lust after opposite sex again, they can’t stop themselves from yielding. The more they try, the more they fall. They know that it has become an issue, they jump at sex, and in the process, they can be violent and break some moral values.

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6. They Are Emotionally Distant From Their Partner, And Melodramatic.

Apart from sex, there’s no other way they could coonect with their other half [signficant partner], nothing else excite them about their partner. They are melodramatic, too. Usually, after sex act, they keep to themselves, and suffer from emptiness and loneliness. After all, nothing else matters to them than to feed on what keeps them alive- sex.

6 Signs And Symptoms Of A Sex Addict
6 Signs And Symptoms Of A Sex Addict
6 Signs And Symptoms Of A Sex Addict
6 Signs And Symptoms Of A Sex Addict
6 Signs And Symptoms Of A Sex Addict
6 Signs And Symptoms Of A Sex Addict
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