Ask Yourself These 4 Important Questions If You Wants A Better Life


It’s always been this way- from childhood to adolescence, and adulthood, man has always been in dilemmas [in face of] many questions that need to be answered. Here are 4 Important Questions If You Wants A Better Life. They want answers to these questions, desperately. Some are lucky to find meanings to their questions, early enough and some are still in a helpless situation as many questions linger on their mind, with no answer yet, These unlucky ones see life as a mystery and mistake, they can’t comprehend it and as a result, they can only do little or nothing in their lifetime.

WHO?’, ‘WHERE?’, ‘WHY?’, AND ‘HOW?’

“Life is characterised by man’s mistakes, and

these mistakes come to be as a result of 

many unanswered questions in a man’s life”

– OLA Wordsworth

If you can provide REAL answers to the questions of life that would be discussed below, then I assure you that your mistakes in life will no longer be damning and you will less record of mistake. After all, every man is a slave to what they cannot comprehend.

A good life sounds okay, but a BETTER than GOOD LIFE is a more complete life- DESIRE IT!

Below Are The Questions You Must Answer, That You May Live A Better Life:

1. Who Am I?

Even at the end of World war I amd II, most people, today, are still fighting intrapersonal conflict, it is battle of identity, which is a personal one. This is the way it has always been with us, the consistent struggle in giving our face a name. Of many questions that man has to answer, this comes first, and it is the most important question of life every man has to answer, if you can provide real answer to this question, then you are already on your way to land of fulfillment.

Inside life, if you don’t give it a name, people will name it for you, and you would end up having no option than to answer the name they call you. Self Discovery gives you reason to live. If you can provide real answer to this very important question WHO AM I?’, then you already have 50% chance to truly live. After all, the proper function of a man is to live and not to exist.

Out of fondness and early promises you flashed, people (parent, well-wishers) would want to give you a befitting name, and give you a face value. Even though they are doing so in good spirit, sometimes they end up giving wrong identity. If you refuse to dream, people will dream for you, don’t get lost in what they call you. Be critical in searching yourself out, lest you live a life that does not belong to you- a fake life.

The very answer to this will provide many answers to some questions like ‘WHY AM I LIVING?’ and some others. 

Get this right and you will not fool around.

Ask Yourself These 4 Important Questions If You Wants A Better Life

2. Where Am I?

Why should I ask myself this seemingly dumb question? (Is this what you feel like, reading this?) Just chill and read on to find out why you have to ask this!

You are wise if you know that, where you are today is because of your tomorrow; what you do today is because of your tomorrow, too. Location is very important and crucial to a man’s growth. From the outside, it looks like the answer to this question is too simple to be a question in the first place. Then, go on and ask yourself and see the answer you’ll provide for it. Have you, now? How easy do you find the answer?

After you have successfully unveiled your identity, you have to be rightly located and connected. Yeah! There’s a place you must be, you must walk and work in a defined environment with a definite set of people.

Know now that you are NOT TO be at everywhere,  NOT TO move with everybody. Every man is a special bred, and has a special niche and interest, it is sad that people don’t know this. 

On an end note, be true to yourself in providing right answer to this question. Be sure, and build on it. Regardless of where you are today, always remember how you get there. It will help for proper evaluation of your life and what you will build on. 

3. Why Am I Doing This?

What you do always matters, what you do takes your time and emotions, too. What you are doing now is a determinant of what will become of you. So you must find reason for whatever you do. Asking yourself ‘Why Am I Doing This?’ makes you vet and verify [maybe] what you are doing worths doing. As a result of it, you will become a good time-manager’. You will make good use of your days and you will be happy with what you do, knowing fully well why you do it. More so, you will have a sense of fulfillment and you will be satisfied.

Many lives out there do not have bearings, because they could not define the reason(s) for their action(s). A life without bearing is a miserable one- refuse it!

Every flesh wants to be in control of things, it’s good. You will always be in control of your life if you can always provide answers for your actions. More importantly, always have good reasons, then you can hope for the best outcomes, only.

Also, you will be resourceful in managing the resources you have, if you know what you are doing.

“Knowing the reason (why) for doing things 

confirms the fact 

that you really know what you are doing”

– OLA Wordsworth

Today, many are lost in activitites, and do not know why they do them. Don’t join the long list of busy people who are wasting their time and energy on what they shouldn’t have done in the first place. The reason you give yourself for doing what you do is your hope, comfort and courage that will keep you going, even till the end,

This is another way to live wisely, I tell you.

4. How Do I Get Better?

Constant, unending improvement is the key to remain relevant.  Do you want your voice to be heard, always? Then get better, always.

“Anytime you wake up in the morning, always remind 

yourself that the world is no longer what it used to be. 

Overnight, a shift has happened, 

it is already a step ahead. You would lag behind if 

you don’t get better too.”

– OLA Wordsworth

Ask Yourself These 4 Important Questions If You Wants A Better Life

We are talking about a better life, here,- – more than a good life! (Remember the title for this article?—everyone who wants a better life’—). Do not settle for average, remodel your model with new specifications and functions. Become better to serve the world better, and the world will reward you better, then you will have a better life.

If what you are capable of doing 5 years ago is still your level of capability, today. Then you should know that you have wasted 5 years of your life.

Always ask yourself, ‘how do I get better?’ There is more to you, you can do more than what you are doing.

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This article is a call to better life, it is an awakening bell that rings to the ears of men that they may rise to answer MANY QUESTIONS they have been shying away from, it contains the ‘know-hows’ of life and give bearing to aimless life. This article answers QUESTIONS of LIFE. At least, it gives its readers insight on how to answer theirs.

Save this page, better still, always visit this site FOR MORE. Make some jottings in your notebook as regards the informations you just obtained, remind yourself of them everyday until it is engraved into your subconscious mind.

Thanks for reading.

Ask Yourself These 4 Important Questions If You Wants A Better Life
Ask Yourself These 4 Important Questions If You Wants A Better Life
Ask Yourself These 4 Important Questions If You Wants A Better Life
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