How And Why Overthinking Happens.


Life happens! Our everyday problems tend to outweigh our desires to reach for the stars. As a result, many roads in life lead to overthinking. In dilemmas, people can’t think enough, they can’t just stop thinking, and this uncontrollable act is sometimes, justified.

Overthinking would come to be as a result of anxiousness, obsession, and boycotted desires. Everyone want to have things under control, all people want things to be in accordance with their plans and desires, and this is where life betrays us. No level of desire and planning can stop people from receivng the shocks of their life, it will happen, sometimes and somehow.

And you see, the way people reacts|handle a ‘slip up’ would always be different. A slip up in a definite pattern of success could bring about weariness of soul to the supposed expectant, thus, lost in a deep thought [overthinking].  People get emotional in face of rejection and unsuccessful bids, and the many thoughts and wishes of ‘what ifs’ will flood their minds.

How And Why Overthinking Happens.

It is good and advisable to reflect on existed matters, existing matters and matters to be. However, doing it overly, indicates that one is already wallowing in self pity, regrets, and fear, which is so unhealthy and unprofessional.

Here, it will be highlighted that people do overthink on what they want to do, too. Not just what they have done or doing already. “If it ain’t break, don’t fix it” -this axiom, sometimes, is not widely regarded by some people, as a result of ‘fear of losing’. The dread of ‘would be- once upon a good time’ fall on them, and overthink what is not even bothering them yet. Thus, their lives lack excitement, because they lack belief and confidence. Is this you?

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Think, but beware of overthinking!

How And Why Overthinking Happens.
How And Why Overthinking Happens.
How And Why Overthinking Happens.
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