10 Things That Happen To Your Body After 40 And Why You Should Know


Ageing is a natural process, and while some may choose to avoid it, it is inevitable. 10 Things That Happen To Your Body After 40 And Why You Should Know. There is a saying that life begins at 40, but what most of us do not know is that when we turn 40, a lot of changes begin to take place in our bodies that we may not even know about. Some of these changes are good and for the better, and others are not so. And while some of these changes can be controlled with regular exercise and good eating habits beforehand, they cannot be altogether avoided. Below are 10 things that begin to happen to you, once you turn 40.

10 Things That Happen To Your Body After 40 And Why You Should Know

Body shrinking

This change begins even before we turn 40,but it becomes more evident at around the age of 40 and afterwards. Men and women have different bodies, and thus shrink differently. According to results gotten from research conducted, men lose an inch of their body mass gradually from the ages of 30 to 70 whereas women lose two inches.

Change in taste

We were born with around 9000 taste receptors, and as we grow in age, they reduce. Men and women who approach 40 and beyond lose their taste receptors faster. This does not mean they will not be able to distinguish between sweet, sour and bitter foods, it just means their sense of taste will not be as sharp as before. It is more accelerated in women than in men and often begins with salty and sweet taste.

10 Things That Happen To Your Body After 40 And Why You Should Know

Receding hairline

This is perhaps the most noticeable sign that someone is ageing. It is more common in men and slower in women. Men easily go bald after they turn 40, but women lose their hair much slower but surely. This is also applicable to body hair which stops growing, however, the hair loss can be controlled with a good diet and exercise.

Impaired vision and hearing

As you age, there is a decline in your vision and hearing. People begin to notice changes in color differentiation and may even have a hard time reading. Also different eye defects begin to arise and hearing difficulties sets in. You might be lucky to discover it in time of you visit your doctor regularly

Lactose intolerance may set in

As people age, the enzyme responsible for the digestion of lactose called lactase reduces, leading to problems in digesting milk and other dairy products. It is more common in women over 40, but some younger people also suffer from this condition. If this becomes the case, you can start consuming lactose-free milk and use alternative sources of calcium. See Page 2 below to read more details

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