12 Hidden Traits Most Empaths Have But Are Not Aware Of


Most people know about empaths and their ability to feel and know what the other person is going through. But there are other things as well which are worth knowing about an empath. Here are 12 traits which are common to empaths and would help you to better understand them. 

1. They get fatigued very easily.

It is not easy to maneuver through the everyday life when you are being acted upon by the emotions and energies of others at almost every turn. What makes it worse is that there are people, energy vampires to be precise, who seek out empaths to drain them further. 

2. They suffer from an addictive kind of personality.

Now, this is not something to be craved for, but it is mostly adopted because it helps them to deal with life. It acts as a protection for them and helps them to block out the constant attack on their energy.

12 Hidden Traits Most Empaths Have But Are Not Aware Of

3. They are inherently creative.

An empath would find it in himself or herself to turn out quite impressive paintings or music pieces or such. But it is not necessary that they realize exactly how talented they are. 

4. At the first glance, others might think of empaths as shy and moody people, but that’s just how they sometimes look like while dealing with too many overwhelming thoughts. If you give them time, they will open up and then they are the best people to have around! 

5. Try whatever you might, but you cannot make an empath interested in something that he or she doesn’t particularly like. People usually misconstrue this as being lazy, but nothing could be further than the truth. 

6. Empaths tend to be introverts.

This is because, for them, dealing with a large group of people gets very overwhelming and draining. As opposed to that, if they have to deal with one or two people at a time, they find it easier to control their energy.

7. They need their fair share of alone time to recharge themselves and to be able to deal with the world later. Imagine that you have a radio which catches excellent frequencies around people and it is always playing in the background wherever you go. The best you can do is to turn down its volume, and that too with great difficulty. Wouldn’t you too want to go rest someplace where the radio could be turned off completely? 

8. They have a very big heart and are very giving by nature.

They care for others without abandon, even though there have been many times that their generosity was used to exploit them. 

9. Their intuitions are very powerful and strong.

And what makes them even more effective is that they listen to their inner voice. They have had enough experiences where it had paid to ignore reason in the favor of their gut feeling. 

10. Perhaps it comes naturally, given their generous nature, but they also believe in lifting up the underdog. They help those who need their help and will see to it that they get the support they need. 

11. They are very close to the natural world.

They are inherently kind towards animals of all species because they feel they are the purest beings in creation. And they often find refuge in the healing lap of nature and like to spend their time surrounded by greenery. 

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12. They also get bored quite easily.

They need something that will pique their interest or they will find themselves drowsing off. Stimulating conversations are their thing. It is not easy being an empath. Remember the radio analogy? So if you happen to know someone who is, make sure they feel appreciated and loved.source

12 Hidden Traits Most Empaths Have But Are Not Aware Of
12 Hidden Traits Most Empaths Have But Are Not Aware Of
12 Hidden Traits Most Empaths Have But Are Not Aware Of

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