3 Ways To Shut Down The Narcissist During The Silent Treatment


The silent treatment from the narcissist is a form of emotional abuse. The pain can be hard to explain, and this is why narcissists use this as a form of punishment. The only thing running through your mind as they subject you to that kind of emotional torture is what you could have done wrong to get such treatment. With a narcissist, silent treatment is a way of punishing their victim by totally ignoring them. Instead of taking responsibility for what they must have done, they inflict this treatment to shift the blame from themselves to you and make you feel guilty for what they have done. Do not feel like you deserve such treatment, remember that the narcissist uses this technique on every of their victim. Below are 3 ways to shut down the narcissist when they decide to give you the silent treatment.


The first step is to disengage from them emotionally. The narcissist sink their claws on their victims through emotions. One of the ways to free yourself from their clutches is by detaching or disengaging yourself from them emotionally. Whatever treatment they mete out to you, do not let it get to you personally. Always remember that it is not about you. This is just how they operate so letting their treatment get to you is how they control and manipulate you.

3 Ways To Shut Down The Narcissist During The Silent Treatment


Normally, there must have been a misunderstanding between you two for them to give you the silent treatment. The silent treatment is either because they are not getting what they want from you, or they are having a hard time bending you to their will. They are simply trying to make you succumb to their will. In order to shut them down at this point, try to see things from a different perspective. Take account of their past behaviors towards you, and how they reacted when they did not get their way. Taking note of all these will help you realize how much of a manipulator they are, and will also help you break free from their clutches.

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No matter what must have happened between you two, yourself worth and mental health is important. You deserve as much happiness as you can get, and you should not let anyone make you feel otherwise. Take this point to invest in yourself both physically and mentally. Also use this as an opportunity to reflect on yourself. It will give you the opportunity to decide what to do next.

3 Ways To Shut Down The Narcissist During The Silent Treatment
3 Ways To Shut Down The Narcissist During The Silent Treatment
3 Ways To Shut Down The Narcissist During The Silent Treatment
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