7 Things You Do That Cause Inferiority Complex


We are by-products of what we do – those things we do consciously and unconsciously have a way they take effects on us, with or without our approval. One thing leads to another. Poor thing, we don’t know our actions can also make us weak. 7 Things You Do That Cause Inferiority Complex

Many people out there have been inflicting another form of Self Harm as a result of unending intrapersonal conflicts they battle with – it is a very dangerous form of conflict any man can have. As a result of this conflict, people, by themselves plot their downfalls as they get weak easily, they are unable to do anything because of fear, they don’t want to die, yet they are afraid to live: these and many more is what inferiority complex is capable of doing to every man who honors its invitation by their habits.

These Are 7 Things You Do That Cause Inferiority Complex:


Focus on your life, and don’t get lost in the lives of others by always desiring what they have. Look within, there’s something in/about you have that they don’t have. If you can see this and put it in use, then you will have an edge over them and thus your self- dignity will be restored successfully. It’s good to look on others for motivation, but you will be harming yourself if you lose yourself in the name of finding another person. We might be born equal but really, we are not equal. Just be contented with your life and appreciate both whole and pieces
part of your life.


Many people out there do not like who they are, in every sense, they had like to be someone else, so they go far and undergo plastic surgery just to be like someone. They hate everything about themselves – their face, career, immediate family, hobbies and others. Maybe you are not good, but you are not the worst either. No one even has the right to call you bad, until you call yourself. Even the person that is dubbed the best has a person that is ahead of him. So, love yourself enough.


You would not forgive yourself, it is true you have made a grave mistake, everyone makes mistake, but they won’t shout to the world to make their mistakes known to the world, also, they’ve learnt to move on, knowing fully well that they are humans. You are not that bad as you claim to be. At a point in time, every man will see some things they could have done better- it’s natural, don’t condemn yourself to your mistakes


Critics are always there for you – how long have you been wallowing in bad comments they say about you? You just have to ignore those who has no belief in you, those who badmouth you. Stop taking negative words to heart, REMEMBER YOU ARE ONLY WAHT YOU CALL YOURSELF, AND NOT WHAT OTHERS CALL YOU. Ignore haters and those that will never see good things about you.


You are depriving yourself to do many things because of your fears that are not real – fear to live, fear to die, fear to smile, fear to scream, fear to think independently, fear to buy. You are afraid that you will be judged. It’s time to be bold to live, bold to die (making decisions), bold to smile, bold to scream, bold to be yourself and enjoy your freedom.

7 Things You Do That Cause Inferiority Complex


You don’t know your worth – your values, so people exploit and abuse you. There’s a boundary you have to set, there’s a way you should leave that will make people to clothe you with the honoraries you deserve. Set boundaries, set rules, this does not mean you are not tolerant, but sometimes, you need to check people lest they take you for granted. Let people know your ‘YES’ and ‘NO’.

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It is not good to be alone, always. Mingle and keep company that will make you better. You can’t live alone, you can’t live all by yourself -you need people to walk with you. It is too dangerous to keep to yourself, inferiority complex of the first grade is obtained in the state of isolation. It is good to have time for yourself, to be alone, but not all the time. Not all people are bad, carefully select your company and enjoy life.

Knowing and avoiding habits that cause inferiority complex protect you and cause you to live a better life, it will lead you to exciting paths of life. Do these and you will say your byes to low self-esteem, depression, fear, self-pity, and get yourself redeemed from inferiority complex. A better life is here for you.

7 Things You Do That Cause Inferiority Complex
7 Things You Do That Cause Inferiority Complex
7 Things You Do That Cause Inferiority Complex
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