Princess Diana’s astrologer Debbie Frank reveals Meghan and Harry’s daughter will ‘make mark on world’


Princess Diana's astrologer Debbie Frank reveals Meghan and Harry's daughter will 'make mark on world'

How will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s daughter’s personality shape up in the years to come? Astrologer Debbie Frank has quite a few predictions based on baby Lilibet’s astrological sign and birth date. 

The astrologer to the stars worked with Princess Diana for years after meeting her in 1989. The duo went on to become close friends until the Princess of Wales’ passing in 1997.  

Find out her thoughts below…

Only recently,  the most prominent Gemini in the royal family passed away, yet Prince Philip’s wise-cracking Gemini energy is being replaced by a new royal ‘twin’, Lilibet Diana, Harry, and Meghan’s longed-for daughter. 

Geminis are mercurial, playful, always ready with a witty line, ever sociable and young at heart. Lilibet takes up this Gemini position as a one and only within a herd of Taurean bulls – her brother Archie, her cousins Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, and of course her great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth after whom she is named.  


Whereas the earth sign Taurus is eminently steady, Gemini is sparkly, where Taurus is down-to-earth, Gemini is more head in the clouds. This is a chalk and cheese combination but of course, they balance each other out, as the long marriage of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip proved.  

One thing that bodes well for the sibling bond with her Taurean brother Archie is that he has the Moon and Mars in Gemini, which gives them both a natural affinity and an easy interest in the same things.

Little Lilibet does share the royal Leo rising which is a common theme amongst her extended family. Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cambridge all have regal Leo in the ascendant conferring them with a magnificent bearing that lends itself to stand out in crowds.  

Princess Diana's astrologer Debbie Frank reveals Meghan and Harry's daughter will 'make mark on world'

The new baby Sussex has her Moon in fiery Aries, so she’s certain to know what she wants in any situation. She’s likely to become quite bossy even with her older brother.  Yet she has a sensitive streak, with a vivid imagination. Born to be noticed, her 10th house Sun propels her into the limelight.  She’s destined to make her mark on the world and with her, Sun positioned so close to the fate and destiny point of the north node she’s definitely here for a reason and will get in touch with that sense of purpose early in life.

Princess Diana, Lilibet’s late Grandmother, was a Sun-sign Cancer and the babe has both Venus and Mars in this sign, so she resonates with the Cancerian streak in the family that is mirrored in her Uncle William (Sun and Moon in Cancer) her Aunt Kate (Moon in Cancer) and her mother, Meghan (Mars and Ascendant in Cancer).      

Families often display this kind of Astro-genetic signature where signs are repeated across generations.  

Lili will grow up to be a people person, out there in the world, chatty and inquisitive. Very much an extrovert with an engaging personality that will draw people to her.  She will possess a warm nature and a capacity to connect with others, using her sensitivity to help and influence their lives for the better.  

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