The Smartest Women Among The Zodiac Signs


The Smartest Women Among The Zodiac Signs

Every zodiac sign has their strength, weaknesses and traits. What is unique in one person may be seen as trivial in another. Women are exceptional creatures on their own, and their zodiac signs have a role to play in their disposition, temperament as well as intelligence. Although all zodiac signs have their shinning points, we are taking a look at the 6 smartest women among the zodiac signs.


The Aquarius sign is one of the most intelligent signs, and they happen to have the smartest women. The women in this zodiac sign are natural intellects and are born brainy. They come off as cool, but they also have an arrogant side that they will not hesitate to let out when they need it. Although the Aquarius woman may be level or cool headed, their intelligence is not always so. They can be a little esoteric, and this makes them look down on anyone they feel is not as intelligent as they are. But hey, intelligence comes with a little arrogance.

The Smartest Women Among The Zodiac Signs


It’s not surprise that Scorpio is part of the list. Being a water sign, the Scorpio is a physical representation of the saying ‘where still waters run deep’. The Scorpio woman is one of the smartest zodiac signs if not the smartest. You may think that they are not so smart with their aloof nature and cold demeanor, but you would be totally wrong. The Scorpio woman is ready to go deep with a concept and they will not give up until they are satisfied or convinced with their explanation or findings. This sign is blessed with a natural curiosity, and they love to know everything about anything that catches their interests.

CANCER (JUN 22 – JUL 22)

The Cancer female is a very intelligent sign, however what makes them different from other sigs is their emotional nature. The Cancer woman is very intelligent, however they fall into the emotionally intelligent category. They are natural empaths, and this makes them good at understanding and advising others. Sadly, however, the always retreat into their comfort zones, and this can hinder their emotional and growth. On the good side, they make great friends, and are always ready to help out their friends and close ally whenever they are in need.

PISCES (FEB 19 – MAR 20)

Being the last zodiac in the circle, this sign imbibes the traits of other zodiac signs, making them one of the most intelligent zodiac signs. The Pisces woman is naturally intelligent, and they possess the ability to give an overall perspective on issues, thereby creating room and avenue for growth. Finally, they are also very good at giving the best advice to the people they care about.


The Capricorn is a very dedicated and intelligent sign. The sign commits themselves to doing the work and can be very practical. They make great study partners and are ready to achieve the goal anytime. The Capricorn woman has a sharp and smart intellect, and are the kind of people you need if you want to get things done. In other words, they make great partners and they will motivate you to continue if you ever feel like backing down.

The Smartest Women Among The Zodiac Signs

LIBRA (SEP 23 – OCT 23)

This sign is represented by the balance or scale, and it can only mean one thing, they value equality and fairness and will ensure balance in all situations. The Libra woman is compassionate and fair, and she channels her abundance of knowledge into ensuring that everyone is treated fairly. With the Libra, you can be rest assured that they will weigh all options and pay attention to all details before coming to a conclusion.

The Smartest Women Among The Zodiac Signs

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