6 Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle A Woman With A Pure Empathetic Soul


A woman with a pure empathetic soul can be hardly matched by anything else in this world. A woman with an empathetic soul is beautiful both inside and out. She sees things and relates with them differently from others. Sadly, these kind of women often have a hard time finding genuine love. What could be the reason? Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle A Woman With A Pure Empathetic Soul

For one thing, not every man can handle the big, sensitive heart of the purely empathetic woman. In fact only a handful of men are capable of loving them the way they should be loved, and this is why true love often eludes these women. Below are some reasons why most men cannot handle and love a woman with a pure empathetic soul.

below are Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle A Woman With A Pure Empathetic Soul


A woman with a pure, empathetic soul is not looking to have fun or engage in a casual romance. The last thing they want is to fool around with someone all in the name of love or relationship. They are more willing to go into a committed relationship, one that could lead to something permanent. From what we know, most men are not ready for such lifelong commitment. For most men, they would rather have fun while they can, instead of giving all their body, heart and soul to just one woman for the rest of their lives. When a woman knows what she wants, she would not be willing to settle for anything less.


Being empathic means that you will have a certain kind of energy that may not be handled or understood by everyone. Empaths are individuals that have a special kind of energy. Everything about them, starting from the things they do, to the decisions they make is done with all of their hearts. Some people can see them as being too emotional or too passionate, but the truth is that those people simply do not understand how to deal with those energies. The energy seem to scare a lot of men who are in relationships with them because they may come off as too intense. In such cases, the men become scared of the complexity of their being and the energy they possess.


If there is one thing that men seem to love in a relationship, it is the fact that their women or partner is dependent on them to an extent. It makes them feel like the man they are in the relationship because there are certain issues they would have to address on their partners behalf.

However, when a man is in a relationship with an empathetic woman, he should expect nothing short of independency. While this is no threat to their male ego, they still feel that way because they expect the woman to play the feminine card and be dependent on them emotionally, physically and often financially. A woman who carries her own weight in all rounds can make some men feel less than they are, and therein lies the problem.


Women who have pure empathetic souls desire a different kind of connection with their partners. They do not want a relationship that is based on physical aspects and appearances. Instead they crave a deep emotional and intimate connection with their partner. A woman who is empathetic knows the kind of man that she wants, and that is a man who knows the emotional needs of his woman and meets them.

Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle A Woman With A Pure, Empathetic Soul


An empathetic woman and basically all empathetic people have the ability to sense or spot the good and bad in a person. They can sense both negative and positive aura and energy, and that is why some people will not feel comfortable in their presence. Some men find it very uncomfortable being in the same space with these women, and they are scared because their deep secrets and past will be revealed to the women. Most importantly however, they hide from these women because they know that that they cannot deceive such women.

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A woman with a pure empathetic soul believes in true love and is willing to give it. They are not just ready to give their love to just about anyone they meet because they know what they are worth. Being in a relationship with an empathetic woman means full and total commitment from them and they would expect same in return. If a man is not willing to give in fully to her, she would not waste her time going into relationship with him. This is because she knows what she is bringing to the table, and would not be willing to settle for anything less.

6 Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle A Woman With A Pure Empathetic Soul
6 Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle A Woman With A Pure Empathetic Soul
6 Reasons Why Most Men Cannot Handle A Woman With A Pure Empathetic Soul
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