I See My Kids As Colleagues When On Set Together –Jide Kosoko


I See My Kids As Colleagues When On Set Together –Jide Kosoko

I see my kids as colleagues when on set together –Jide Kosoko

Veteran actor, Jide Kosoko, has said the country’s movie industry has to be sanitised.

Speaking with Saturday Beats, he said, “I am not fulfilled yet. The industry has not got to the stage I want it to get to. As such, I must continue to ensure that the industry is sanitised.

“Yes, I am trained but at a point, the training would become outdated. One must retrain oneself in order to be current. Also, a lot of prayers are needed for one to succeed. I pray about my movie roles a lot, no matter how small it is I pray to God so I can deliver in a superb manner.

“Until my director smiles at me (on set), I don’t relax. In 2005, I was at the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State, to study Performing Arts and Film Studies, as a way of updating my knowledge.

“Also, I meet different actors every day and I learn from them. When I see good scripts, I love to be part of them. I may not even charge my regular fees just to ensure that I participate. I don’t like not being part of fantastic productions. I love good works and I always want to be associated with them.”

The popular actor also noted that he was happy that his children were toeing his footsteps in the movie industry. He said,;

 “I have made a lot of sacrifices for my career. When I started in the movie industry, it was a case of ‘scratch my back and I would scratch yours.’ I have also learnt to be tolerant, as well as constantly train and retrain myself.

“When I am on set with my children, we are colleagues. Whether one is a senior or junior colleague, one just has to interpret the role given. Seeing my children doing well in their chosen careers is enough happiness for me.

“I am so happy with the friendship and relationship that we all share. They copy what I do. I always want my family to be united. We solve individual problems together. My problem is their problem and vice versa.”

Kosoko also added that though all actors must be versatile. He added, “I have been to an audition for a particular role and I got home to try practising the role in front of a mirror but I eventually called the producer and told him to try another person. I even suggested a name to the producer. I did that because I wanted the best for that production. I practise my roles in different places— either in the toilet or anywhere in my home. Those are some of the places I do my ‘madness’.”

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