Inside The Mind Of A Girl Who Thinks She Is Not Good Enough


Inside our minds, we probably criticize ourselves all the time. For some people, it is a normal way of keeping track of themselves and making sure they do not go overboard. Meanwhile, for some others, it is an everyday occurrence. For the latter, they have become so overwhelmed by their inner thoughts and insecurities that they almost have nothing positive to say about

The words we say to ourselves and to others are like stones or rocks, they can either build you up, or they bring you down by shattering you. We see people every day, and we have not the slightest idea what goes on in their minds or what they think about themselves. If we did, we would not have to add to it or make it worse by saying what we think about them. There are people, both men and women alike who look exquisite on the outside, but deep down, they are filled with insecurity on their physical appearance or mental capabilities. It is so much that they cannot take up the decision to do something beneficial for themselves because they believe they will always fail.

Inside The Mind Of A Girl Who Thinks She Is Not Good Enough

Think about this scenario A beautiful woman walks past a jewellery shop and spots a beautiful necklace. She thinks about
buying it but her thoughts say she will never look good in them. Another example is that of a girl who is confused about buying that new dress, but her mind says her waistline is too big for it, or her flabby arms will look obvious in that sleeveless cut. Bottom line, she feels she will never be good enough no matter what she does. Sadly, the society we live in only make matters worse because they seem to promote a certain view of beauty in women. If you are not skinny, light-skinned or petite, you can hardly be seen as beautiful. It is a wonder why some women feel out of place and simply not enough.

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The feeling that you are not good enough is perhaps the most painful feeling in the world, and it does not seem to go away. Fortunately, only you can pull yourself out of such depressing thoughts. Take up the idea of speaking positively to yourself, and seeing yourself in a better light. Other than that, occupy your thoughts with things that matter and surround yourself with people that make you feel better about yourself. Additionally, you must always understand that you are not perfect, and no one is anyway. Dwell more on what makes you special than what does not. And to the general public, think first about the effects your words may have on that person before you say it. Chances are, she has already said worse to herself, and you will only be adding to it.

Inside The Mind Of A Girl Who Thinks She Is Not Good Enough
Inside The Mind Of A Girl Who Thinks She Is Not Good Enough
Inside The Mind Of A Girl Who Thinks She Is Not Good Enough
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