The 4 Most Important Questions Of Life Everyone Who Wants A Better Life Should Ask


WHO?’, ‘WHERE?’, ‘WHY?’, AND ‘HOW?’

It’s always been this way- from childhood, to adolescence, and adulthood, man has always been in dilemmas [in face of] many questions that needs to be answered. They want answers for these questions, desperately. Some are lucky to find meanings to
their questions, early enough and some are still in helpless situation as many questions linger on their mind, with no answer yet, These unlucky ones see life as a mystery and mistake, they can’t comprehend it and as a result, they can only do little or nothing in their lifetime. The 4 Most Important Questions Of Life Everyone Who Wants A Better Life Should Ask

“Life is characterised by man’s mistakes, and these mistakes come to be as a result of many unanswered questions in a man’s life”

  • OLA Wordsworth

If you can provide REAL answers to the questions of life that would be discussed below, then I assure you that your mistakes in life will no longer be damning and you will less record of mistake. After all, every man is a slave to what they cannot comprehend.

A good life sounds okay, but a BETTER than GOOD LIFE is a more complete life- DESIRE IT!

Below Are The Questions You Must Answer, That You May Live A Better Life:


Even at the end of World war I amd II, most people, today, are still fighting intrapersonal conflict, it is battle of identity, which is a personal one. This is the way it has always been with us, the consistent struggle in giving our face a name. Of many questions that man has to answer, this comes first, and it is the most important question of life every man has to answer, if you can provide real answer to this question, then you are already on your way to land of fulfillment.

Inside life, if you don’t give it a name, people will name it for you, and you would end up having no option than to answer the name they call you. Self Discovery gives you reason to live. If you can provide real answer to this very important question WHO AM I?‘, then you already have 50% chance to truly live. After all, the proper function of a man is to live and not to exist.

Out of fondness and early promises you flashed, people (parent, well-wishers) would want to give you a befitting name, and give you a face value. Even though they are doing so in good spirit, sometimes they end up giving wrong identity. If you refuse to dream, people will dream for you, don’t get lost in what they call you. Be critical in searching yourself out, lest you live a life that does not belong to you- a fake life.

The 4 Most Important Questions Of Life Everyone Who Wants A Better Life Should Ask

The very answer to this will provide many answers to some questions like ‘WHY AM I LIVING?’ and some others.

Get this right and you will not fool around. See page 2 below for the rest of the article


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