Meghan Markle Plastic Surgery and Trying to Look like Angelina Jolie’s perfect facial bone structure has Gone to Far.

Meghan Markle Plastic Surgery and Trying to Look like Angelina Jolie’s perfect facial bone structure has Gone to Far.
Meghan Markle Plastic Surgery and Trying to Look like Angelina Jolie’s perfect facial bone structure has Gone to Far.

Meghan penchant for plastic surgery and trying to look like Angelina Jolie’s perfect facial bone structure has gone to far.

Angelina Jolie’s drop dead gorgeous looks are a product of genetics by having two beautiful parents together . Let’s see and compare.

The forever Copy cat, as I keep saying Meghan has no originality whatsoever in her DNA composition.

Here is the source of ANGELINA JOLIE’s GOOD LOOKS. Courtesy of two Georgeous people having children.

ANGELINA JOLIE’S PARENTS are the beautiful coupling of Marcheline Bertrand and Jon Voight.

Proportionally perfect facial structure. Here’s more. Angelina won the genetic lottery.

Still stunningly beautiful at 45 years old. Recent pictures below of more.

Still drop dead gorgeous at 45. She is a very busy mother of 6. Humanitarian, Philanthropist, Award winning Actress, producer director. Worldwildly reknown not only for her gorgeous and exotic beauty but mostly for her beautiful heart. Her contribution to children refugees, and consistently giving her personal money which is 20% of her salary to charity .

AND NOW, MEGHAN MARKLE. Behold her parents.

MEAGAIN’S PARENTS. YOU CANNOT DENY GENETICS. You are you’re parents child.

That infernal annoying tongue is out again. Playing cute but looking acute.

Hello Meghan Bunny or Duchess Dudley.

Playing like a sexy raccoon eating a burger!

She wanted so much to look like Angelina Jolie she had her jaws shaved off, cheekbones enhancement surgery.

See how much jaw and chin was shaved off and the 1000th time rhinoplasty? She wanted to be loved and adored as well as celebrated for her “beauty” but it’s all fake Meghan.

I wonder if “Baby Lili” actually exists, looks like Meghan. untouched with surgery and she is so ashamed to share her baby to the world. If said baby was beautiful, as a Narc we will be flooded with blow by blow narration of how precious the little thing is. And all magazines will be printed with their sweet beautiful baby. On the other hand, she might feel threatened if this baby is indeed pretty. Meghan. never wants any competition of any kind.

Meghan’s default look.

But Nothing makes a Narcissist rage more than having an offspring that she perceives as inept, lacking and not good looking. That’s how heartless a Narc can be. And knowing she is 43 she has a 1: 100 chance of having a baby with Down syndrome or any other congenial defects associated with an elderly mother or what we call medically as Advanced Maternal Age. It starts at age 35 onwards. Even if they used a surrogate HAZNO and Meghan’s DNA will still be imprinted with their looks.!

Angelina Jolie’s default look.

Meghan cannot even hold a candle with the Bride in “The corpse Bride” by Tim Burton. Much less with Angelina Jolie who has been celebrated not only with her beauty but with her amazing talent and the real humanitarian and philanthropist. So, Meghan get off with what is it your snorting or popping. Be real. No amount of surgery can make you look like Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie is very proud of her children.

A mother should love her child no matter what. But we are dealing with a Malignant Narcissist with rage and anger issues. We probably won’t see Lili until she’s old enough to have plastic surgery done. How pitiful indeed

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  2. You either just kill the woman’s clothing from this post or you are part of someone’s post by copy and paste to your page. Why would some think that by wearing same outfit that a celebrity wore thinks that you wanna be same as that celebrity. Why, you are f**k up in your brain. You just kill this 2 woman’s reputation. There’s nothing to compare them both here or when new piece of clothing only comes out as 1 or millions through out the word. Angelina is not wearing a belt, she has no hand bag, her blouse has more of a bigger round neck hole, different hair style, earrings and I can keep going. Either eyewash your eyes with Chlorine bleach and stop posting hate blogs.

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