Beheaded Victim Asked Court to Cease Abusive Boyfriend’s No-Contact Order Before Her Death

Beheaded Victim Asked Court to Cease Abusive Boyfriend’s No-Contact Order Before Her Death

A woman who was found beheaded at a Minnesota intersection on Wednesday previously asked a court to suspend a no-contact order so she could see the boyfriend who is now charged with her murder.

The Sun reported that four years before last week’s slaying, America Thayer, 55, wrote in a letter that she and Alexis Saborit, 42, had lived together for a year and that he never abused her. At the time, Thayer was contesting a pre-trial domestic abuse no-contact order that required Saborit to stay away from her.

“We don’t have problem for 4 years, please. We never have problem,” Thayer reportedly wrote. “We will go to any treatment recommended.”

According to The Sun, the order was implemented after Thayer called police to their shared home. Officers took Saborit into custody after they reportedly found Saborit crouching over Thayer, who was on the ground. Thayer claimed Saborit and she was at a bar when he accused her of talking to another man.

The court ultimately granted Thayer’s request and the couple was allowed to re-establish contact.

Almost four years from the day Thayer wrote the letter, she was found decapitated in broad daylight in Shakopee. Video footage circulating online appears to show Saborit pushing Thayer’s bloody body out of her car before walking away.

Thayer, who was found beheaded near her car, was pronounced dead at the scene. Her head was discovered near her body.

Officers arrested Saborit shortly after the incident. A sheath for a large knife, possibly a machete, was reportedly recovered a few feet from the crime scene. A machete was discovered in a garden near the intersection, while a second knife was found in a nearby recycling bin. The bin reportedly also contained clothing.

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Saborit allegedly told police that he and Thayer were en route to a court date for Saborit when Thayer said she wanted to end their relationship, prompting him to attack her.

The medical examiner confirmed that Thayer suffered multiple sharp and blunt force injuries and was decapitated, according to KTSP.

Court records from Scott County indicated that Saborit is also facing charges of arson and obstructing a police officer. He also has a 2017 conviction for domestic assault in Carver County.

Saborit remains jailed on second-degree murder charges.

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