Why was Meghan Markle Ridiculed for her Dark skin?

She was ridiculed for pretending her dark skin was such a big deal when it really wasn’t part of the conversation at all. Meghan Markle is, at best, about a quarter black. Her mother, Doria Ragland, is not fully black herself. Her father is a white man. She has a similar admixture to Halsey, a singer often assumed to be white.

Why was Meghan Markle Ridiculed for her Dark skin?

Look at her son — he’s a pale boy, having inherited his father’s ginger hair and pale complexion. Meghan Markle posed her baby’s colour to be some enormous big deal. From the people's point of view, She acted as if every time Queen Elizabeth sees the baby, she sees a little black boy. Which, by the way, couldn’t be shocking to a woman who is the head of a Commonwealth of nations, the vast majority of which consists of darker-skinned people.

Why was Meghan Markle Ridiculed for her Dark skin?

The way Meghan and Harry make the whole thing seem, the British royals never so much as saw a single black person. Interestingly, the Queen’s very own sister Prince Margaret used to date a black musician from Grenada by the name of Leslie Hutchison.

Why was Meghan Markle Ridiculed for her Dark skin?

Like Meghan, Leslie was also partially white with some black ancestry. This whole thing isn’t some sort of huge scandal — the Queen’s own uncle had to abdicate the throne once for having married a divorcée from America. He was also rumored to have been bisexual and a Nazi-sympathiser to boot! Meanwhile, Margaret really ‘got around’ and was quite shameless about the fact. 

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Truth is? The British royal family has survived scandals far bigger than this. And British royals have dated, slept with, befriended and fought with quite a few ‘people of color’ long before Meghan was even born. 

So now we’re acting as if somehow little Meghan Markle and her almost painfully pale, beautiful little boy, are the worst or the most scandalous thing ever to ever happen to the Royal Family? 

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