2026 Will Be A ‘Defining’ Year: What The Duchess of Cornwall Will Really Be Like as Queen Consort


2026 Will Be A 'Defining' Year: What The Duchess of Cornwall Will Really Be Like as Queen Consort

The Duchess of Cornwall has played a supporting role to her
Prince Charles ever since they
married in 2005. But following 
Her Majesty‘s Platinum Jubilee speech last week when she stated her wish for Camilla to be known as Queen
 in the future, the Duchess is preparing for an even
greater role.

Royal astrologer Debbie Frank has revealed that 2026 will be a
“defining transformative year” for the couple.

She said: “2023 is high profile for Camilla’s role yet it is
2026 that is the defining transformative year for her and Charles. As Queen
Consort, Camilla will continue to play a supporting role to her husband as this
celestial signature is stamped into her birth-chart. She is naturally a power
behind the throne even though she will be entitled to sit on one.”

Debbie also gave an insight into what kind of Queen Consort the Duchess
will be.

She said: “She has a serious, formal and regal side to her, yet in
private she is open and warm. When she takes up her top position, this
contrast in her life will become markedly obvious. Camilla will set firm
boundaries between her public and private life that will protect her, ensuring
that she has plenty of retreat time. Charles has always enjoyed access
into her inner sanctum and the togetherness they have established over the
years has enabled their love story to become rock solid, despite its
challenges. She puts him first and soothes his intense nature, providing
the emotional security he craves.”

2026 Will Be A 'Defining' Year: What The Duchess of Cornwall Will Really Be Like as Queen Consort

“She puts him first and soothes his intense nature,” Debbie said of Camilla and Charles’ partnership

Debbie, the author of What’s Your Soul Sign, added: “For someone
who is more comfortable behind the scenes with so many of her personal planets
positioned in the reclusive 12th house, the decades leading up to her ‘big job’
have coaxed her into adapting to life in the public eye, culminating in a
place at the top of the royal tree when the Queen dies. 2022 still affords her
time in a supporting role to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. As a Cancerian,
Camilla likes to nurture those around her and as Charles is preparing to take
over the reins, she’ll find this year is all about channelling her care into
him and his mother.”

2026 Will Be A 'Defining' Year: What The Duchess of Cornwall Will Really Be Like as Queen Consort

This year will be spent caring for Charles and the Queen says Debbie

The Queen’s speech last week may have caused tension among royal fans,
especially those who have always adored the late Diana, Princess of Wales. And
while Debbie was very close to the People’s Princess, acting as her confidante,
friend and astrologer, she notes how Camilla is the “right partner”
for Charles.

“As for the public, Camilla has already played the long game in her
relationship with them, weathering many a storm whilst she was part of the love
triangle between Charles, Diana and herself,” said Debbie.

2026 Will Be A 'Defining' Year: What The Duchess of Cornwall Will Really Be Like as Queen Consort

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“For those of us who adored Diana and I was lucky enough to count
her as a personal friend and spent many years listening to her heartbreak over
Charles and Camilla’s relationship, we are at the point of having to find it in
ourselves to accept that King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla have an
overriding destiny to be together on the throne.

“Camilla will never be the kind of Queen Diana would have been –
she doesn’t possess those qualities that made Diana one of us, that gives the
heart connection. However, she is the right partner for Charles and
doing a good job with the charities and public engagements she performs. In the
end, the public will give her credit for that.”


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