The Duchess of Cornwall Is The ‘Right Partner’ For Prince Charles, Says Princess Diana’s Friend


The Duchess of Cornwall Is The 'Right Partner' For Prince Charles, Says Princess Diana's Friend

The Duchess of Cornwall is “the right partner” for
her husband 
Prince Charles, a close friend of Princess Diana has said. Royal astrologer and Diana’s
Debbie Frank, praised the Duchess for
being the future King’s strength and support and added that she has been doing
a “good job” with her official duties.

Debbie said: “She is the right partner for Charles and doing a good
job with the charities and public engagements she performs. In the end, the
public will give her credit for that.”

Debbie, who was a loyal friend of Diana’s, also noted: “For the
public, Camilla has already played the long game in her relationship with them,
weathering many a storm whilst she was part of the love triangle between
Charles, Diana and herself.

“For those of us who adored Diana and I was lucky enough to count
her as a personal friend and spent many years listening to her heartbreak over
Charles and Camilla’s relationship, we are at the point of having to find it in
ourselves to accept that King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla have an overriding
destiny to be together on the throne. Camilla will never be the kind of Queen
Diana would have been – she doesn’t possess those qualities that made Diana one
of us, that gives the heart connection.”

The Duchess of Cornwall Is The 'Right Partner' For Prince Charles, Says Princess Diana's Friend

“As a Cancerian, Camilla likes to nurture those around her,” said Debbie

Debbie praised Camilla though for her caring nature, particularly the
emotional support she provides to her husband.

“As a Cancerian, Camilla likes to nurture those around her and as
Charles is preparing to take over the reins, she’ll find this year is all about
channeling her care into him and his mother,” said Debbie. Charles has
always enjoyed access into her inner sanctum and the togetherness they have
established over the years has enabled their love story to become rock solid,
despite its challenges. She puts him first and soothes his intense nature,
providing the emotional security he craves.”


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