Does Oprah Regret Doing The Interview With The Sussexes?


Does Oprah Regret Doing The Interview With The Sussexes?

Many interviews are done each day. Oprah isn’t new to conducting interviews. 

I also believe that interviews are pre-arranged. I mean that most times, interviews questions are sent to the interviewees for them to prepare their minds and heart. 

So, I would say in that spirit, I believe Oprah does not regret and will not
regret doing the interview.

She saw the opportunity of making more money
and getting more exposure and she took it. Her questions and reactions were

It doesn’t matter if they lied about the
racist claims, they lied about being financially cut off, they lied about their
security, they lied about Prince Charles, they lied about planning to leave the
family, they lied about their not getting help from the palace, they lied about
the Royal Family discouraging mental health help, they lied about the palace
not defending them against racism, they lied about nearly half the entire

Does Oprah Regret Doing The Interview With The Sussexes?

Also, I believe the lies Meghan told about
the RF helped with Oprah’s woke crusade. Not saying the RF is free of sin, but
the lies Meghan told have been debunked so easily that you really need to
wonder if she’s a pathological liar or there’s something more sinister going

Oprah and
Meghan are two peas in a pod, the Hollywood type where concepts of honour and
common decency are not a thing. The only code Hollywood lives by is greed. Use
anything and everybody for personal gain. The fact that Meghan feels so
comfortable in that environment is very telling. After all, if she were so
adamant about privacy she could have stayed in beautiful Canada to leave a
peaceful life but she chose not to. There you see her real intentions.


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