Is Russia really failing at invading Ukraine?


Is Russia really failing at invading Ukraine?

The truth is, Russia hasn’t really lost any
traditional battles. And in this case, the Russian military is still advancing

But…, Russia has lost a lot of men so far in
the fighting. If we must believe Russian reports about 500 Russian soldiers
have been killed. If we believe other reports, perhaps as many as 4,000
Russians have died fighting already.

The indisputable fact is: ‘Russia has a long
way to go to conquer Ukraine and with Ukrainian resistance being what it is- it
may end up costing Russia more than they can afford.”

What Other People Say:

Michel Di Sclafani

Putin’s action has demolished communism as a political idea, the whole
world wants more and more democracy for the entire planet. This war is a
warning for China only through peace any ambition and desire can be achieved.
The blood of soldiers of both Ukraine and Russians, the tears of children and
women, the desperation and fear of the world will cease with the elimination of
this treacherous figure college Putin! Remember Syria, Chechnya, Georgia, Putin
is a cruel stupid leader prehistoric in his mind and actions!!! WAR IS

Alex Mann, Historian

The Russian military is a paper tiger. It’s
strong enough to effectively defend itself and pose a threat and it’s strong
enough for limited intervention but the Russian armed forces lack the strength
everyone assumes they have,

The Russian military has serious flaws, all
of which have been exposed in this conflict.

Is Russia really failing at invading Ukraine?

 vLogistical Failures

Russia has an impressive rail system. Given
the vast distances of Russia, a complex and advanced railroad network is
required to make things work. The Russian military has taken full advantage of
this rail network to supply its armed forces. Honestly, they are very good at
keeping forces supplied so long as they have their rail network to use.

But there are no railroads Russia can use in
Ukraine. The VERY FIRST thing Ukrainian units did was destroy all Russian rail
networks coming into Ukraine. It has to supply its men using trucks now which
is much more difficult. So supplies get brought to supply dumps on the border
mostly via train by also via air. Then these supplies are loaded up onto trucks
that form a convoy and drive up to the frontlines to resupply combat units.

Russia just doesn’t have enough trucks
though. That may sound simple but it is true. Russia can get forces and
supplies to the Ukrainian border very quickly but then struggles to get those
supplies to the front. Just in this very first week of the war, we have seen
this fact.

Dozens of
advanced (and costly) Russian tanks and APCs were abandoned on the side of the
road out of gas

Lone Russian
units wandering the countryside in search of supplies

Whole Russian
Corps paralyzed from lack of supplies, unable to remain combat effective

troops looting Ukraine for basic necessities like food

Russian soldiers surrendering to Ukrainians

The large
Russian convoy was forced to stop multiple times due to a lack of supplies

Let’s dive deeper here. Russian units are
equipped enough to operate independently for about 3–5 days. After that point,
they need supplies. Experts report that Russian units cannot operate
effectively more than 90 miles from a supply dump. This is why Russia HAS to
take Kyiv. Kyiv with its many airports would serve as a massive supply depot
for Russian forces as they advanced further into Ukraine.

Ukraine knows this and it’s why they are
focusing all their manpower on protecting Kyiv. Additionally, Ukrainian special
forces are attacking Convoys and Ukraine is telling its civilians to attack
Convoys. Ukraine is well aware of this weakness and taking full advantage of

Now Russian units use what is called a “push
based” logistics system compared to the US which uses a “pull-based” system.

Pull based
means that units request resupply and those supplies are sent out, meaning
supplies are sent to where they are being used

system means supplies are controlled by a central command and sent wherever the
high command deems necessary. This means some units get priority over others

This is why
some Russian units are extremely mobile and active with others (like around
Sumy) are dead in the water

So in summary Russia has the raw resources
and they can get resources to the border using their highly advanced rail
network. However, Russia lacks the trucks and tactical ability to get those
supplies from the border to the front.

vTraining failures

Russia has had to keep pace with the US
militarily for some time. This is very difficult considering Russia spends 10%
of what the US spends on their military yearly. So Russia cuts corners. Some
Corps are undersupplied, older gear is rarely retired, stuff is produced
cheaply, units rely more on cheap less technical weapons, and Russia utilizes

Conscripts are people forced into the Army.
These people are barely trained, paid only 30–40$ USD per month, and always
undersupplied. Many of the men on the front right now are conscripts and to
nobody’s surprise, these soldiers are surrendering quickly and extremely
ineffective. The US uses an all-volunteer army meaning everyone in the Army is
there by choice. This means US troops are far more effective simply due to

Now why use conscripts at all? Well, Russia
believes that these men would fight hard if their homeland was threatened (like
in WW2). This may be true but Russia is not threatened and instead is invading
a sovereign nation for practically no reason. So these undertrained and hungry
soldiers are confused, angry, and afraid which makes total sense.

vLack of tactical ability

Russia eventually won the Chechnyan war which
I will go into more detail on some other time. However, Russia kind of lost the
first Chechnyan war when Chechnyan militias retook the capital from Russian
forces and forced Russia into a ceasefire. When Putin first came to power there
was a massive Chechnyan terrorist attack. Putin declared all-out war and
invaded Chechnya.

This time though Putin would not repeat the
mistakes of the past. He launched a slow brutal campaign where Russian units
slowly moved south through Chechnya bombing every city, town, and village into
oblivion. Only when Chechnya was rubble did Russia win. Now, this was Chechnya-
an extremely small region that had a population of under 1 million at the time.
Ukraine is a large modern nation with 45 million people.

Russia hoped that a few surgical military
strikes with highly trained units would cause Ukrainian forces to crumble. In
reality, Ukrainians are strongly committed to defending their nation and
Russia’s attempts to win the conflict quickly failed.

So now Russia has to fight a large
traditional war. They have to do this with all the problems I listed above.
Unlike Chechnya, Russia cannot just level entire cities. Doing so would almost
certainly spur the international community to military action.

So undersupplied and undertrained Russian
forces now have to deal with determined defenders.

Andrew Pietraszkiewcz

To sum it up, it takes tremendous resources in money and technology to
field an army of any significant size. The larger the force and length of time
in the field burns money and morale if you’re not “winning”. Add the fact
that this Russian force has been bivouacked in the field for a number of months


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