Kate Middleton’s Discreet Curtsy To The Queen You Didn’t Notice


Kate Middleton's Discreet Curtsy To The Queen You Didn't Notice

The Duchess of Cambridge was
among the royal women who were seen curtsying to the Queen at Prince
Philip’s memorial service on Tuesday.

Kate, who was sitting with Prince
William and their two elder children, showed her respect for the monarch
as she subtly bobbed down into a low curtsy when she saw the Queen walk
arm-in-arm with Prince Andrew inside Westminster Abbey.

Over on the other side of the
aisle, the Queen’s daughter-in-law the Countess of Wessex and her
daughter Lady Louise were also seen showing their sign of respect.

Royal ladies normally curtsy
and bow their heads in public if they’re seeing Her Majesty for the first time
that day. For men, the greeting is normally a neck bow. Usually, if they don’t
greet the Queen in this typical, respectful way, it’s because they’ve already
seen her in private.

The Queen was joined by close
family, friends, foreign royals and hundreds of charity workers in remembrance
of her beloved husband the Duke of Edinburgh at the poignant memorial service.

The royals gathered at Westminster Abbey on Tuesday

The royals gathered at Westminster Abbey on Tuesday

Prince Andrew escorted his
mother into Westminster Abbey. The monarch held onto his elbow with her
left hand as she moved slowly and gingerly to her place, using a walking stick
in her right hand. They entered via Poets Corner – a shorter route for the
Queen’s comfort – in a small procession.

Inside the Abbey, they walked
at a slow but steady pace, both looking ahead, and at the end of the aisle they
separated – with Andrew giving a last glance to his mother as she turned right.


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