What Are Shocking Secrets Of Kate Winslet?


What Are Shocking Secrets Of Kate Winslet?

Kate Elizabeth Winslet was born on 5 October 1975, in Reading, Berkshire, to
Sally Anne (née Bridges) and Roger John Winslet. She is of
British descent and also has Irish ancestry on her father’s side and Swedish
ancestry on her mother’s side.

Known for her work in independent films, particularly period dramas, as well as for her portrayals of headstrong,
complicated women, she has received 
numerous accolades, including an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, two Primetime Emmy Awards,
British Academy Film Awards,
and five 
Golden Globe Awards.

In regard to the above question, the way she introduced herself to Leonardo DiCaprio before they started
shooting ‘Titanic’ was surprising, to say the least.

When they had to shoot their first scene
together they weren’t the best friends they are now, and to make matters worse
the first scene they shot was the scene where Jack draws Rose, meaning that
Kate had to get naked on the first day on set.

What Are Shocking Secrets Of Kate Winslet?

Most actors would have been nervous and would
have found that to be a daunting task, but not Kate. She knew that Leo was
about to get acquainted with her “goods” later that day, so she flashed him: “She
had no shame with it. She wanted to break the ice a little beforehand, so she
flashed me. I wasn’t prepared for that, so she had one up on me. I was pretty
comfortable after that.”

So comfortable in fact, that they became best
friends on the set of the film, always pranking each other, and Kate still
describes him as her “closest friend in the world” to this day. A few years ago
they gave each other friendship rings and he even walked her down the aisle
when she got married in 2013.

What Are Shocking Secrets Of Kate Winslet?

Jack might have let go, but Leo never will.


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