What Are The Smart Attitude Of Actress Kaley Cuoco?


What Are The Smart Attitude Of Actress Kaley Cuoco?

Her character in The Big
Bang Theory movie was reduced to the stereotype of the “sexy blonde
neighbor”, within the fantasy proposal of the nerds who starred in the

However, Penny grew as a
character and even gained a new look, exchanging her short, tight clothes for
more thoughtful costumes.

She mentioned in an
interview with W Magazine what I think was a result of her smart attitude;
she said: “I started in Big Bang when I was 21. I was the cute girl next door
to the nerds. It just revolved around the shorts and my tight-fitting hoodies.”

She continued: “Years went
by, Penny evolved, Kaley evolved, so I asked, ‘Can I wear a long-sleeved shirt?
And how about pants? And a shoe? I never want to see a high heel again!”

What Are The Smart Attitude Of Actress Kaley Cuoco?

And the change didn’t
scare away the public.

She acknowledges: “That
was so long ago. When I think about how much time has passed… It was a very
different time. And by the way, at 21 I was sexy. I wanted to show off. You
won’t see me today in a sexy cat costume! I had a drawer full of them, never


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