What Is The Likelihood That Johnny Depp Abused Amber Heard?


What Is The Likelihood That Johnny Depp Abused Amber Heard?

There are two sides to every story and then there’s the truth, but nothing below is valid.

Depp is famously private. He would never sue for defamation. When Amber smuggled the dogs into Australia, Depp was the target even though he was not present, yet he took full responsibility for his wife’s actions and her dogs. He isn’t the type to call her out publicly on her mistakes.

All of the money made during the marriage was spent, leaving only spousal support, which she claimed she made $10,000 a month but needed $50,000 a month from him to live.

Depp destroyed a hotel room in the ’90s with Moss. Moss stated: “Johnny was the only person who could ever take care of me. When the relationship ended, there were years & years of crying.”

What Is The Likelihood That Johnny Depp Abused Amber Heard?

Throwing things does not equal hitting someone, Moss was clearly not in an abusive relationship with Depp, but the opposite, as well as every other woman he’s ever been with since the 80’s came forward saying he wasn’t capable of the allegations.

Vanessa Paradis said: “Johnny is a very loving & loved person. He was never violent towards me and this sounds nothing like the man I spent 14 wonderful years with. I believe with all my heart the recent allegations against him are ridiculous.”

To engage Amber in a public mud-slinging contest was exactly what Heard wanted. Depp denied what she said in a statement released immediately after the allegations and added he would not be responding further. His mother had just died, I’m sure his grief was more important to him than her allegations at that time. Being famously private, the question is why would he get into it with Heard publicly?

What Is The Likelihood That Johnny Depp Abused Amber Heard?

Depp had 24 witnesses, including Heard as a hostile one, I don’t know where you heard that Heard was the sole witness. Heard had 7 witnesses, none of which actually saw bruises on her face from past allegations, except her ex-girlfriend. The bodyguards were going to testify, it was Heard who refused to file a police report & then refused to give her deposition, even after it was court-ordered and spent 11 hours in the courtroom.

Why? Why did she refuse to give her deposition? The only logical conclusion is she wanted to settle out of court. The most damning evidence is that Heard is a manipulator and in all likelihood a sick individual completely lacking in empathy.


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