What Was Your First Impression Of Monica Bellucci?


What Was Your First Impression Of Monica Bellucci?

My first impression of Monica Bellucci is
that she was and is one of the most beautiful and enchanting models/actresses
out there. Her pictures, especially from when she was younger, are still some
of my favorite ones. Such brilliant pulchritude shines through in all of

is no doubt that, at 54 years old, the famous Italian actress is still one of
the most beautiful women in the film industry who has matured with a lot of
styles – and her recent stint on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival! was
proof of it!

is why we decided to be inspired by the best phrases of Monica Bellucci that
will help you feel sexier and raise your self-esteem and inner beauty as soon
as you read them and put them into practice!

What Was Your First Impression Of Monica Bellucci?

Here it is:

1. ‘Sex appeal is more than just beauty’

2. ‘Being sexy means, above all, valuing who
you are and not trying to force too many curves or the absolute rule of the
straight line’.

3. ‘If you’re not smart, no one is interested
… Beauty makes you interesting for just five minutes.’

4. ‘I feel better than ever at 50 years old,
much better than when I was younger.’

5. ‘Love and sex are a matter of energy, not

6. ‘I know a lot of beautiful people and
their lives are so terrible, they feel so uncomfortable with themselves …
Being well is not about how you look, but how you feel. I feel good and
comfortable with myself, but not because I am beautiful.’

What Was Your First Impression Of Monica Bellucci?

7. ‘The lipstick is the most powerful weapon
in a woman’s makeup kit … It has the power to transform the appearance and
mood of the wearer and, at the same time, arouse the admiration of others.’

8. ‘I don’t feel the need to show others my
worth but to prove to myself how valuable I am.’

9. ‘Instead of going to the gym, I wear black
… it’s so much more practical and more fun!

10. ‘Natural is beautiful ** and when you
stop being so, you become a caricature.



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