Who Would Benefit From The Russia-Ukraine War?


Who Would Benefit From The Russia-Ukraine War?

 True, to be specific, it has turned into a full-blown war. Russia has invaded Ukraine and very soon uproot the current Zelensky regime from there.

But, who will benefit?

Here are a few:

ü  US is a clear winner here. They successfully unified NATO against Russia some of whose members were leaning towards Russia (like Germany).

ü  Second winner is China which will now have a powerful backing of Russia the moment it invades Taiwan. Russia will have no other option but to support China in Taiwan’s proposed invasion.

ü  EU is the third winner who will now rally uniformly against Russia. They will now try to make Russia even weaker economically and isolate them globally.

What do you think? Do you have any other benefits?

Send in your comments.

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