Greece Embraces Ukrainians As Picture Darkens For Other Refugees


As Ukrainian refugees are bussed into Greece to receive a warm welcome
by authorities, it is said that people from other nations are essentially being
treated as second-class refugees.

Epaminondas Farmakis, co-founder/director, HumanRights360, said: “We are
very happy for the rescue of the 30 Syrian refugees that have been confined on
an islet of Evros’ river on the Greek Turkish land border.

“The refugees, including two pregnant women and seven minor children,
did not have access to the necessary means for their survival. They did not
have access to water, food, medical care, or any means to keep warm, and they
were exposed to the cold and humidity on the small islet in the Evros’ river for
six days and nights.

“As a result of their illegal pushback, they reported the tragic
drowning of the four-year-old – a son of one of the refugees.”

Farmakis said that they had managed to issue an interim measure through
the European Court of Human Rights, the first time it has been issued in the
Evros area.

His words: “This time there was time for the court to act. In most cases
of illegal pushback, estimated at 12,000 people last year, there is no time to
react. Many lose their lives, and their rights are violated. We call on the
Greek government to stop this illegal practice.”


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