The Countess of Wessex Reveals Fun Fact About Herself As She Carries Out Engagement Close To Her Heart


The Countess of Wessex Reveals Fun Fact About Herself As She Carries Out Engagement Close To Her Heart

The Countess of Wessex carried
out a very special engagement on Thursday to honour the Queen’s Platinum
Jubilee and while on duty, she revealed a fun fact about herself.

Whilst helping schoolchildren
from Grange Park Primary School in Shropshire to add another tree to the 1,400
already planted at Buckingham Palace, Sophie, who enjoys a close bond with her
mother-in-law, revealed that interestingly she is in fact ambidextrous.

As she began to shovel in the
first few scoops of soil, she said: “I’m left-handed. Well, I’m
ambidextrous which means I can do things with both hands.” “I can
too!” shouted one enthusiastic child. 

She continued: “This is
going to be the best-planted tree here, how many trees do you think are here

Sophie proudly posing with the planted tree and the schoolchildren who helped her

Sophie proudly posing with the planted tree and the schoolchildren who helped her

“20,” shouted a
happy child. “200 million,” voiced another. The children worked with
Duchy of Cornwall forester Gerrant Richards to identify leaves and twigs taken
from trees and shrubs and correctly noted them including yew, magnolia,
blackcurrant and willow.

The children were delighted to
receive their ‘heirlooms’ and the Countess explained to them just how
special they are – that only 7,000 of the 50p coins are being minted.

She said: “So don’t put
them in your piggy banks, don’t spend it, it is something really, really
special to mark your special qualifications.

Sophie giving out the children's 'heirlooms' for their hard work

Sophie giving out the children’s ‘heirlooms’ for their hard work

“If you have children and
grandchildren one day, they will see it and know how really, really special it

Nearly 40,000 schoolchildren
in the country are participating in The Queen’s Green Canopy RFS Junior
Forester Award which aims to give children and young people of all ages the
skills needed for a career in forestry and equip them with the skills to help
with woodland management in schools and local communities.

The event marked the end of
one out of two tree-planting seasons for The Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) which
has already planted one million trees across the UK.

Sophie showing off her ambidextrous abilities

Sophie showing off her ambidextrous abilities

On Thursday, the Queen issued
a statement about the special Jubilee tribute. She said: “As the planting
season draws to a close, I send my sincere thanks to everyone across the
country who has planted a tree to celebrate my Platinum Jubilee.

“I am deeply touched that so
many community groups, schools, families, and individuals have made their own
unique contributions to the Green Canopy initiative. I hope your Jubilee trees
flourish and grow for many years to come, for future generations to

In addition to more trees
being planted, the Queen’s Green Canopy will dedicate a network of 70 Ancient
Woodlands across the United Kingdom and identify 70 Ancient Trees to celebrate
Her Majesty’s 70 years of service.


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