What are Some Ridiculously Low Sentences Given for Serious Crimes?


What are Some Ridiculously Low Sentences Given for Serious Crimes?

People are getting very light sentences, in a
country that has the highest incarceration in the world, known for giving out
really harsh sentences for even petty crimes. Consider that this is essentially
treason and that in almost any country with a rule of law they should be looking
at some very serious sentence. For instance:

In late October of 1982, Dominique Dunne — the youngest child
and only daughter of writer Dominick Dunne — was 22 and an up-and-coming
Hollywood actress, who had just had her first major film role in the hugely
successful horror film Poltergeist, as elder daughter Dana

What are Some Ridiculously Low Sentences Given for Serious Crimes?
Dominique Dunne

A month earlier, Dominique had broken
up with her boyfriend, chef John Sweeney, who was controlling and physically
abusive, after he had strangled and nearly killed her. On the night of October
26th, she was rehearsing at her home with a friend, David Packer, when Sweeney
showed up at her door. Dominique agreed to speak to him on the porch and told
Packer she would be right back. But Packer soon heard “smacking sounds,
screams, and a thud” from outside. He called the police, then went outside.

Dominique was motionless on the
ground, Sweeney standing over her. Sweeney told police when they arrived: “Man,
I blew it. I killed her. I didn’t think I choked her that hard, but I don’t
know, I just kept on choking her. I just lost my temper and blew it again.” Dominique
was not actually dead and was rushed to the hospital and placed on life
support, but subsequent brain scans showed no activity — her brain had been
deprived of oxygen for too long. Her family removed her from life support on
November 4th, less than three weeks before her 23rd birthday.

Sweeney would be charged with
second-degree murder, but ultimately convicted of the lesser charge of
voluntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to just six years — the maximum for
the charge under California law — and paroled for good behavior after serving
only three and a half. (check the above photo)

What are Some Ridiculously Low Sentences Given for Serious Crimes?
Jennifer Porter

In March 2004, Jennifer Porter, a 28-year-old dance teacher from Tampa, hit and
killed two African-American children and injured two of their siblings. After
hitting them, she fled the scene of the accident, although not before dragging
the younger victim (who was three) 150 feet. The accident occurred in a
primarily black neighborhood and Porter claimed that she was too afraid to

Cell phone records revealed that
Porter called her parents that night. Porter did not come forward for five days
and when she did, she initially told police that another vehicle had been
involved in the accident as well, although the police found no evidence of

Porter faced up to 15 years in prison
but ended up receiving two years of house arrest. She had a clean criminal
record but had a few traffic infractions before the hit and run. The media did
make it a point to state that she had led a very sheltered life and still lived
at home as though somehow that explained her unbelievably irresponsible

What are Some Ridiculously Low Sentences Given for Serious Crimes?
Christopher Belter Jr

Christopher Belter Jr walks without any scar of Jail Sentence after having
records of convicting rape,
sexual abuse and sexual assault of nearly 4 teen girls. Congratulatory
handshake for settling it with the probation.


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